Friday, October 25, 2013

DIY Dry Erase Boards!

As some of you may know, I am expecting my first baby (It's a BOY!) and will be taking some time off from work and blogging before and after his arrival. During that time, there will be several guest bloggers/SLPs that will be featured on my blog. I am so excited to share all of the amazing, informative posts they have come up with. I can not thank them all enough for taking the time to write these posts! Just another one of the many reasons I love being part of the SLP world. I hope you all enjoy reading everything over the next several weeks. Please feel free to leave comments and post questions. 

The next guest post is written by Jenn at Crazy Speech World! Enjoy!

I'm so happy to be able to post here for Kristine while she is getting ready for mommy hood!  And I have a great trick for a cheap therapy material...DIY dry erase boards!

Did you know that shower board works as dry erase board?  Yeah, I didn't know that until one of my teacher friends told me.  In fact, I never even knew what shower board was.  Or that it existed.    All she did was go to Home Depot and they cut some for her...for free!  And apparently super cheap!  Anywho, she gave me some that she had leftover....I was stoked.  But it is just a square piece of not-so-pretty board...
 Makeover!  I took all 5 boards and grabbed a roll of my fave...Duck Tape!  Chevron, of course!  All I did was tape each of the edges...super easy!
And voila!  Pretty and cheap dry erase boards!  I have one enough for each of my kids to have one in my room (I don't have any groups larger than 5).  I love them!

Have you ever used stuff from the hardware store for your classroom?  I'd love to hear other ideas!

Jenn is a school SLP in Florida, working with children PK to 8th grade, and the author of the blog Crazy Speech World.  You can also follow her on FacebookTwitterPinterest, Instagram, and TPT.

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