Saturday, March 30, 2013

Spring/Easter/Passover SALE!!!!

I hope you are all enjoying your spring break (like I am!) or are looking forward to your upcoming break!  I am so excited to spend Easter with my family tomorrow.  The weather is also finally getting nice here in NJ.  It is actually starting to feel like spring.  I am throwing a 20% off sale for the entire weekend (through tomorrow).  I hope you all enjoy and are able to pick up some great activities to use after your spring break!  Enjoy!!

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Following Directions Pizza Party! {NEW ACTIVITY}

I am so excited that I am off the entire week for Spring Break!!!  However, I am not so excited that they are predicting 3-5 inches of snow tomorrow.  Anyway, to get the week started off right, I am proud to introduce my newest activity, Following Directions Pizza Party {2, 3, & 4 step directions}.

I don't know about you, but I loveeeee pizza!!!  I'm sure you and your students will have a ton of fun with this exciting activity.  You can grab the activity HERE!
Game board
32 cards each of 2, 3, and 4 step directions
8 wild cards

Print and laminate all cards.
How to play:
Students take turns choosing cards and listening to the directions. If the student correctly performs the directions on the card, he/she rolls a dice and moves that number of spaces on the board. If chosen, follow the directions on the included wild cards.  The first student to reach finish on the game board is the winner!

I hope you and your students enjoy this super fun and yummy activity!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Activities and a {FREEBIE}

I am so excited that next week is my spring break!!  I have lots and lots of plans including SHOPPING, RELAXING, BLOGGING, and MAKING NEW ACTIVITIES!  Oh did I mention, SLEEPING IN?!  I couldn't be more excited about that last one.  Be sure to read all the way to the end of this post for a BRAND NEW FREEBIE!

I wanted to share with you all what we have been doing this last week before break in the speech room!
First, my students have been reading another one of the awesome "Old Lady" books.  They absolutely love taking turns reading and always laugh at all the silly things the old lady swallows in the book.  Last year, I found these free printables below (I can't remember from where but if you search for them on Google, I'm sure you can find them).  We used them with the story in order to work on sequencing skills!

Next is my favorite activity of the week!  I have been using it with my articulation and language kiddos.  My articulation groups have been getting 8 blank eggs and a basket.  Each student writes words that have his/her speech sound.  Next, they get to color and decorate the eggs and basket.  Finally, all the eggs get glued on the basket.  The best part about this cute little craft is it can be used as CARRYOVER!  My language groups have been getting sheets with the patterned eggs.  As they work on coloring and getting crafty, I go around to each student and work on various goals (i.e. "wh" questions, following directions, inferences, etc.).    I will post pics of all the amazing Easter egg baskets my students have made soon!!

Some of my older students have been doing the "spring" word search that I found here ~~>

Finally, we have been playing my TWO newest activities:  Easter Monster Name Game and Easter Eggs Reinforcer Game {FREEBIE}.  You can find all the information on BOTH activities at my TpT store.

Last but not least, here is my newest FREEBIE, Spring Questions!  You can grab it HERE!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spring Speech GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!

Blast Off into Spring with an ‘Out of this World’ Speech Giveaway!

I am so excited to be part of another huge giveaway in celebration of the start of spring!  My fellow SLPs and I have donated tons of awesome prizes that you MUST check out.  A huge thanks to Kathryn @ Kids Games for Speech Therapy for setting up this amazing giveaway!  Click the links below to view the selection of sponsored products for yourself.  This giveaway runs until March 21st so hurry and enter now!!!  Good luck everyone!!!!


·  The 1st Prize Winner will receive a $25 Teachers pay Teacher Gift Certificate plus all of the following Speech Therapy product downloads.

·  The 2nd Prize Winner will receive a $10 Teachers pay Teacher Gift Certificate plus 10 downloads.

·  The 3rd Prize Winner will receive a $10 Teachers pay Teacher Gift Certificate plus 2 downloads.

Click the links below to view the selection of sponsored products for yourself.

WordNerdTeachSpeech: Butterfly Categories
Kids Games for Speech Therapy: Easter Language Activity Pack
Rae’s Speech Spot: Sequence Comprehension
Crazy Speech World: Social Candy Monsters
Nicole Allison: No Print Expressive Pack
Ms. Jocelyn Speech: Buzz Words
Danielle Reed: Hedgehog Grammar Unit
Busy Bee Speech: Monster Mash Artic
Speech Time Fun: Spring Word Fun

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Friday, March 15, 2013

{NEW} Multiple Meaning Desserts

Do you have students that need help with defining multiple meaning words?  If you answered "yes", then you need my newest activity!!  

Mats for students to collect their dessert pieces.: Print as many as needed
48 cards: Multiple meaning words
96 cards: Definitions for included words
8 wild cards

To Play:
Students take turns choosing cards.  They will choose the correct two meanings for each word.  For an added challenge, do not put the definition cards on the table and have students come up with their own definitions. Once appropriate definitions are chosen or given, the student collects the card for  his/her mat. Include the wild cards for extra fun!  The first student to collect all of his/her 8 pieces is the winner!  

I just love the yummy graphics and I hope you and your students do too!  Head over to my TpT store to grab this activity!

Coming soon...
St. Patty's Day SALE on everything in my TpT on the lookout!!!

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Ideas for Speech Homework!

I don’t know about all of you but I struggle to come up with creative and exciting speech homework.  It also drives me crazy when students don’t return their homework!  I am going to share with you my homework procedures/ideas and hopefully you will be able to use some or all with your own students….

First things first, each of my students received a folder in the beginning of the school year.  They also got a sheet with their speech days/times and goals to keep in their folders!  Something I started in January after our winter break was a Speech and Language Homework Card.  Each time a homework sheet is signed and returned, my students get a star on their chart.  Sometimes they even earn 2 stars, depending on how challenging the homework was.  For each five homework assignments returned, they earn a prize from my “prize box”! 
The homework card and chances to earn prizes has certainly helped with getting homework assignments back signed!

Here are some examples of homework my articulation and language students receive:
1.  I have ½ a sheet of paper with 3 or 4 questions.  My questions are based on the season or upcoming holidays.  It makes it much easier for me to keep organized and also goes along with my weekly speech lessons (which are also normally season/holiday related).  The HW sheets normally take no more than a few minutes to create, print and copy.  I print two on each sheet and simply cut it in half so each student gets one.  This saves paper and also makes it look like a lot less work for the students!  Here are a few snapshots of those HW sheets… 

2.  Word searches!  Word searches!  Word searches!  Over the past few years, I have collected many different articulation, seasonal, and generic word searches.  It is also as simple as searching on Google to find them.  I also love this website which breaks them down into easy and difficult  If you are feeling very creative you can use this website to create your own word searches!  It is very simple and perfect for your articulation students!

3.  I love so many of Super Duper’s books and games.  Here are a few I use not only during therapy but also as carryover/homework.  I love how quick and convenient it is to either make a copy or print a page from any of these books/games.  The best part is, my students think they are all so much fun to do for “homework”.  “Artic tickle stories” is a great book!  It is similar to “mad libs”.  I make a copy of a story (according to the student’s speech sound) and of the word list.  Students fill in the blanks (adjectives, places, etc.) throughout the story using their word lists.  They loving coming to speech and sharing their silly story (more practice! Woo hoo!).  Hidden pictures is a game I recently added to my speech room.  I absolutely love it!  I use it with many of my older elementary students.  The best part is it comes with a CD to easily print out picture scenes for homework.  For my younger students, I send home pages from the hidden pictures book.  It is easier and has less pictures to find on each page.

4.  I love to make crafts and come up with cute things for my students to make!  It is so much fun to do hands on activities and have students use their own creativity.  For example, last month my students made Valentine’s Day booklets.   This past week they made shamrock pages with various St. Patrick’s Day words/phrases.  The two great things about making crafty projects during speech sessions are:  my students get so excited to show them off and they work as homework!

I hope you all enjoyed this post and are able to use some of the ideas!  Everything mentioned in this post are strictly my ideas and opinions!  Thanks everyone!

Friday, March 8, 2013

{Guest Blog} Thrifty SLP Ideas by Speechy Musings!

I am so excited to share this AMAZING guest blog post created by Speechy Musings!  She has come up with great ideas to use in therapy while not spending a ton of money!!  What can get better than that?!  Read on to hear all of her great ideas....
How many of you are on a tight budget when it comes to materials for your speech room? I don’t yet have my own speech room, but I’m in graduate school I definitely understand the need to plan creative, motivating therapy with a small budget! Below are some of the ideas I’ve used to save money!

1) Save old containers!
Then, go out and buy acetone nail polish. Soak an old rag in acetone nail polish and wrap it around the old container. Leave for ~5 minutes. Then, scrub, scrub, scrub! And voila: you have a plain, white container!
You can use these to store game cards, boardmaker pictures, popsicle sticks, etc... I also love sending these containers home with students! That way, if they never make their way back, I can just clean off another container.

2) If you plan on using a worksheet often, with a small group of kids each time, consider laminating it and using dry erase markers! By doing this, you won't need to print copies for each group! If the dry erase marker sticks, drop a SMALL drop of hand sanitizer on it, and wipe clean with a tissue!

3) Save toilet paper rolls! And paper towel rolls too!
Start with 2 toilet paper rolls. Cut one of them into thirds, and cut a slit down each of those pieces (see picture below).

Wrap each of the smaller pieces around the tube. They can spin around the tube!

This can be adapted for articulation words, reading sight words, phonological awareness activities or phonemic awareness activities!

OR use a paper towel roll for even more options. This can be adapted to match items of the same color, categories, words that start or end or contain an articulation sound, or so many other goals! My students used the roll below to spin each segment and match up all of the words that begin with ‘B’.

Below are other things to do with toilet paper rolls:
Heart Stamping
Toilet Paper Roll Caddy
Toilet Paper Roll Alphabet Crafts
Roll a Word (great for phonological awareness)
Pull Tab Books
Penguin Puppets

4) Save recyclables.
For Sorting: You can sort recyclables you might normally throw away into categories like paper, plastic, glass, or metal. This could be a great functional activity for some of your older students as well! Below are some examples of how easy finding each of these materials might be:
Paper: Any things that print wrong, junk mail, magazines, brochures, cardboard food packaging
Plastic: Water bottles, plastic food containers (sour cream, yogurt) or bottle caps
Glass: Pasta sauce containers or bottled drinks like Snapple
Metal: Caps from bottles like Snapple or cans (food or soda)
For Functional Therapy: See a great post here from Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl on how to incorporate business cards and brochures in your speech room!

5) Last, if you have an iPad and purchase products on TpT, try using some of the products on your iPad instead of printing, cutting, and laminating all of the pages! This will not only save you money, but valuable time as well!

I hope some of those ideas helped! If you are interested in seeing more ideas on another great website, click here.
Always take advantage of Goodwill, websites like Teachers Pay Teachers, and dollar bins in Walmart and Target! Stay creative and craft on!

Be sure to head over to Speechy Musings Facebook page and TpT store!

Thanks everyone!!!
Live Love Speech

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Monster Name Game and a {FREEBIE}!!

Woo Hoo!!  It is almost the weekend!!  Here is a NEW activity which targets articulation and/or language as well as a FREEBIE!!

Monster Egg Name Game!!
This activity can be used with students working on ARTICULATION and LANGUAGE goals!
Articulation:  Students will answer “name it” statements with word or words that include their speech sounds.
Language:  Students will answer statements while working on categorization and naming.
“Monster egg” pieces: Print as many pages as needed.
2 “Baskets” to collect earned “monster eggs”. Make enough copies for each group.
56 cards: “Name something…” statements. 
8 wild cards

To Play:
Students take turns choosing and reading the cards. For younger students, the SLP/teacher will read the card.  Language students will work on naming and categorization.  Articulation students should give an answer which include their speech sounds.
If an appropriate answer is given, they roll a dice (any dice will do!) and collect that number of “monster eggs” for their “baskets”. The student with the most “monster eggs” at the end of the game is the winner!

And now for the {FREEBIE}....
Easter Eggs and Monster Reinforcer Game

This reinforcer can be used with students working on speech and language, centers and more!

Each student receives an easter basket.  Students take turns answering questions, practicing speech sound words, naming categories, or whatever goal your group is working on!  When a correct answer is given, the student rolls a dice and collects that number of eggs for his/her basket.  The included wild cards add extra excitement!

The student with the most eggs in his/her basket at the end of the game is the winner!

You can grab BOTH activities here: