Friday, August 30, 2013

SLPs Hopping Back Into School!!

It's that time of the year when many of us are either back in school or heading back very shortly.  Well, myself and many other SLPs are participating in a blog hop filled with freebies and awesome prizes to hopefully help you get this school year started off right!!!  I am so excited to be a part of this blog hop! Be sure to read all the directions to this blog hop carefully.  You don't want to miss the chance to win amazing prizes AND awesome FREEBIES!

There are a bunch of speechie bloggers included in this “Blog Hop” which means lots of fall and/or back to school-themed FREEBIES for all of you!!!  The overall idea for the “Blog Hop” is to go to each assigned blog, Monday through Friday, collect letters, and enter the "passwords" via Rafflecopter.  Once you have figured out each "password", you may enter the giveaway for a chance to win AMAZING prizes!!!

Here is how it works:
Each blogger in the hop has a back to school graphic featuring a letter (See above!).  Each blogger has included an image in their blog posts which directly links to the next blog in the “hop” to make things easier.  Once you have collected all letters and solved the word, you can then enter the giveaway via rafflecopter. The winners will be announced next week!!

As promised, here is a FREEBIE for all of you!!  You can grab it HERE!
 It contains "school vocabulary" that must be unscrambled.  

How to Play:

Students should take turns choosing cards.  They will unscramble the words and collect the cards when answered correctly.  Alternative play:  Students can record their answers on paper and check at the end of the session using the answer key. The student with the most cards at the end of the session/round, is the winner.

Please leave feedback if you download =)

Good luck with the blog hop!!!

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Friday, August 23, 2013

Preschool Resources/Activities and My Top 10 Favorite Games!!!

Preschool is by far my favorite age group to work with!!  Ever since undergraduate I have absolutely loved working with the little ones.  I just feel that being able to get your hands on them while they are still young and their language is still developing can only help in the long run.  There are currently so many amazing preschool resources/activities out there.  Since the majority of students I will be working with this school year are preschool, I asked some fellow SLP friends and bloggers to suggest activities and resources to use with this age group.  I compiled a great little "resource" list with some explanations.  I hope you find it useful or can even refer some fellow professionals/educators to this list.

*This post contains Amazon Affiliates Links*

There are a few different programs but I am particularly fond of the Autism & PDD Picture Stories & Language Activities Social Skills 5-Program Set.  This bestseller from Linguisystems is perfect for students between the ages of 3 and 8.  Matt and Molly is story-based and teaches students social understanding and social language skills.  It includes fun and interactive lessons that target sequencing, predicting, question-answering, and processing verbal information.

According to the website...
The 5 programs (each include 8 stories) include: Community, Family, Friends, Home, and School. 
  • four full-color, 8 1/2" x 11" pictures to tell each story (32 story sequence pictures for each program).
  • four large-print sentence strips per story that students match to the correct illustrations (32 sentence strips for each program).
  • question flash cards and wrong/right cards for students to learn ways to act in social situations.
  • a teacher manual with complete lesson plans and teaching techniques designed to engage students in learning.  The manual includes
    - ready-to-use lists of yes/no, wh-, and how questions for each story
    - teaching suggestions
    - a pocket-size version of each story
    - a list of easy-to-find props for role-playing each story sequence
    - a progress chart
There are a bunch of sample pages on the website as well which you can see by clicking here.

I just got mine in the mail and can not wait to use them with my preschoolers!  These are extremely adorable and easy to use.  I ordered the Habitats, Play House, and Dress up Reusable Sticker Pads.

This is a literature-based phonological activities book by Linda Smith-Kiewel and Tracy Molenaar Claeys.  It has 29 units that are perfect for developing oral language skills, phonological awareness, and early listening skills.

There are tons of different CDs with songs that are embedded with very specific speech and language goals.  Head over to the website to read about the benefits of using music as a learning tool and all the specific features of the Talk It Rock It songs.  I love that every song has been created by a SLP!!!  According to the website, each song contains techniques that give children opportunities to imitate sounds, words, and phrases, learn new concepts and vocabulary, and build interaction and social skills.  I also love that the website contains FREE resources!!  Be sure to check out their seminars while you are there as well.
Check out some of the games that I use with my preschool (and K-2 or 3) groups no matter what goals they are working on!  They are also perfect reinforcers!

Live Love Speech's Favorite Preschool Games:
Hungry, Hungry Hippos, Hi-Ho! Cherry-O!, Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Uno Moo!, Let's Go Fish, Mr. Potato Head, Spot It! Jr., Dr. Suess What's in the Cat's Hat? Game, and The Ladybug Game

Monday, August 19, 2013

What I bought during the BIG Back to School Sale!

I absolutely love a good sale!!  So far the biggest seller in my store has been my QR Codes: Vocabulary Owls.  I am so grateful for everyone who has purchased activities during this sale from my store!!!  I am so happy I have created products that can help you start the school year off right!  

Keep reading to check out what I purchased during the Back to School sale currently going on on Teachers Pay Teachers.

Evidence-Based Practice Quick Reference: Speech-Language P
The first item I picked up is Evidence-Based Practice Quick Reference:  Speech-Language Pathology by Carissa Ten Hoeve.  This looks absolutely amazing and is perfect for everyone from SLP graduate students to "veteran" SLPs!

I Can Statement Posters for Speech Language Therapy Aligne
I am super excited about this next item I purchased.  These are common core aligned "I can" posters by Natalie Snyders.  I picked up the "rainbow" colored ones which are going to look amazing in my speech room.

If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: Language Activities for Preschool
I will be working with some preschoolers during this school year so this next activity was a must have!  I love the book If You Give A Mouse A Cookie so I needed to have this adorable companion pack by Kari Radovich.  

Three Little Pigs: Preschoool-K speech/language book companion
And finally, I purchased The Three Little Pigs Book Companion packet by Jenna Rayburn (Speech Room News).  This book is a classic and will work extremely well with my preschoolers.

I hope you are still enjoying the sale or have enjoyed the sale!!  I love me some Teachers Pay Teachers!!!!

Friday, August 16, 2013

TpT Back to School SALE and a {FREEBIE}

Hey everyone!!  If you have already gone back to school, I hope you are off to a great start!  For those of you that are lucky enough to still have some "summer" left (like me!), ENJOY IT!  As usual, Teachers Pay Teachers is having a Back to School Sale.  This is the perfect time to stock up on materials, activities, games, printables, and more to use during the first few months of school.  There are so many amazing SLPs, teachers, and educators who have done the work for you and created amazing materials.  So why not take full advantage and STOCK UP!  

The SALE runs from August 18th-19th.  EVERYTHING in my store is 28% off when you use the code BTS13.  Head over to MY STORE NOW to add items to your wishlist.

And now the {FREEBIE} I promised you!  This is another adorable poster that you can display in your speech room. If you download it, please leave me feedback. I'd also LOVE to see pictures of your poster hanging up! Leave comments and pictures on my Facebook page or right here on the blog! Thanks so much!!!

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Sunday, August 11, 2013

Speech Students are a HOOT! Poster {FREEBIE}

Hey Everyone! I hope you can use this adorable poster in your speech room.  You can download it HERE.  Please leave me some feedback if you download it.  I'd also LOVE to see pictures of your poster hanging up! Leave comments and pictures on my Facebook page or here! Thanks so much!!!

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Friday, August 9, 2013

Awesome Etsy Finds!

Hey everyone!  It's been a few weeks since I've written a post.  I just finished working the ESY program at my school.  I'm in NJ so we still have a few weeks left of summer (THANK GOODNESS)!  I have also been working around my house, shopping for items for my NEW speech room, AND preparing for the arrival of my baby boy!!  That's right....I am expecting my first baby in early October and couldn't be more excited.  Needless to say, I've had a lot on my plate which is why I have been slightly absent from the blog the past few weeks.  But...with that said...I have so many things on my "to-do" list that are speech and blog related and can't wait to share them with all of you!
With the start of the school year right around the corner (for some of you, it has already begun!), I am trying to figure out my speech room "theme" this year, stock up on supplies and speech/language materials, shop for classroom decor, brush up on common core standards, and more!  Does that sound similar to your "to-do" list??!  If so, you will love the next few posts I have lined up!  

First up is some of the adorable, fun things I have found from searching around on Etsy.  If you don't know about Etsy, you must head over and sign up immediately!!  You will find everything from classroom decor to baby items to handmade jewelry.  It is AMAZING!  

I'm sure many of you have heard or seen the saying "Keep Calm and Teach On".  It has become extremely popular and is EVERYWHERE.  I have seen it on T-shirts, posters/prints, cups, and more.  Speaking of cups, I find an adorable Tumbler Cup here.  Dana's shop is called 2MBoutique and features over 250 items! It is definitely worth checking out.
Keep Calm and Teach On....Tumbler Cup for Teachers. Free personalization. Great Gift Idea.

Most schools and clinics require teachers and other professionals to wear an ID badge.  Why not be fashionable while rocking your badge with an adorable lanyard?!  I purchased a black and white chevron lanyard from ewindbiglerdesign.  Erin has lanyards and badge reels in many different patterns/colors.  It's difficult to choose just one!

Ok, I think we can all agree that if you are working in a school especially with younger children, you stock up on sanitizer.  Since this is a staple in most classrooms/clinics, why not make it stand out and be super cute?!  I came across this personalized hand sanitizer from Scrapaddict30.  I love that you can keep refilling it all year long! Tina has other cute products in her store that you should certainly check out. 
Super Cute Custom/Personalized Teacher Appreciation Gift Hand Sanitizer for School Days

I'd love to hear what awesome items you have found on Etsy!  Feel free to leave comments below.

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