Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Upcoming St. Patty's Day Activities!

What activities do you all have planned for the month of March?!  More specifically, are you planning any exciting St. Patrick's Day activities?  I wanted to share with you a bunch of the ideas and activities I plan on using throughout the month of March.
As you can see in the picture above, my students will be reading the book, There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed A Clover.  I will be incorporating the AWESOME companion pack which was created by Jenna from Speech Room News!  The packet includes activities for my language AND articulation students.  My students love this series of books so I'm sure this will be a hit!
We will also be reading the book, The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever!  If you haven't heard of or read this book, it is absolutely adorable!  It is perfect for elementary school students.  I am going to do two different activities to go along with the book.  First, my students will be making Scented Shamrocks!  I found this craft last year while browsing the internet.  My students will each get a printed shamrock.  Next, they will color them green and cut them out.  Then, they spread glue all over their shamrocks.  Next comes the fun part!  The students will sprinkle lime Jell-O onto their shamrocks and TA DA..SCENTED SHAMROCKS! You can find all the specific details on how to make a scented shamrock HERE.
Here is an activity I will be using with my articulation kiddos along with The Luckiest St. Patrick's Day Ever! First, we will read the book as a group.  Next, each student will get a sheet of blank shamrocks.  My groups will work together going through the book and looking for words or phrases with their speech sounds to write on their shamrocks.  Finally, the students will color and decorate their shamrocks however they would like.  I haven't decided yet, but I think we will cut them out and make a St. Patty's Day booklet.  Perfect for carryover!!
This activity is perfect for younger students and can be used to target ANY goal.  Each student gets a rainbow sheet (I just searched for a rainbow coloring sheet in google and came across this one.)  You can use either dot art markers or chips (depends on how "responsible" your students can be!)  Here are some examples of how to use this sheet:  Each time a student names two rhyming words, speech sound words, or answers "wh" questions, he/she can dot or place chips on "X" number of spots.  ALTERNATIVE:  Students take turns rolling the dice and place that number of chips or dot that number of spots after they complete the given task.
Last but certainly not least, we will be using my Shamrock Articulation for R, S, and L {FREEBIE}.  The adorable cupcake cards each contain words and phrases.  Students can play this game like memory or use the cards for drill.  You can grab this activity HERE!

Hope you enjoy this post and are able to use some of the ideas listed here!!

Friday, February 22, 2013

Warm-up or Wrap-up Articulation Activity!!

I am super excited to share my newest idea with you all!  This can be used in various ways such as a "warm-up" or "wrap-up" activity.

Here is what you need to prepare this activity...

  • Small envelopes or "library" pockets
  • Printed page of numbers 1-10 or 1-20 (3 copies)
  • Basket or hat for one set of numbers
  • Quick articulation activities (e.g. Say your sound 10 times, Say 2 sound words that are things)
How to set up...
  • Print and cut numbers 1-10 or 1-20 (how ever many articulation activities you would like to have).
  • Glue each number to a library pocket or small envelope.
  • Cut the other two copies of numbers apart and place inside a basket or hat.
  • Create and cut apart various articulation activities and place into library pockets.

How to use the "warm-up" or "wrap-up" articulation activity
  • Each session (or once a week) students choose 3 numbers from the basket either at the beginning or the end.
  • According to the numbers chosen, students take an activity from the library pockets.
  • Students take turns completing their chosen activities (e.g. Use a sound word in a question).
This activity is great for a little extra practice AND can be used for carryover (students take home their chosen activities for homework).  Every few weeks, change up the activities that are inside the pockets to keep things interesting!

Hope you all enjoy!!!

Name that Idiom!! {FREEBIE}

Happy Friday everyone!!  Do you have students that need to work on idioms?  If so, here is a super cute {FREEBIE} for all of you!


This activity includes 48 cards. Students take turns choosing cards and explaining what the idioms mean. If a student draws a "superpower" card, he/she earns an extra turn!

Please leave feedback if you download =)

You can grab this {FREEBIE} at my TpT store!!!
Thanks everyone for the support! xoxo

Friday, February 15, 2013

SWAP-N-BLOG: Sublime Speech's Monster Questions

Well, we finally made it to Friday which means the weekend is here!!  Danielle from Sublime Speech and I decided to SWAP-N-BLOG this week!  I am so excited to share my review and some pictures of her awesome activity Monster Questions!  If you haven’t already visited her blog and/or TpT store, then you must head over to them.  Her products are so innovative, organized, eye-catching, and fun.  The ideas/activities on her blog will keep your students interested and excited.  

This activity targets answering AND formulating questions.  There are actually 4 different games in the packet: Formulating questions, answering questions, question/answer go fish, and replying.  Here is everything included in the HUGE 228 card packet….

6 printable monster grins. Just cut them out, laminate, and attach to a popsicle stick and use during the game for added hilarity!
Each game includes “wild cards” which are sad monsters and grin-exciting monster events!

Answering: 72 Who, What, Where, When, and How questions

Formulating: 42 Y/N, Who, What, Where, When, and How questions with a given topic.  Students formulate questions accordingly.
Replying: 24 cards for students to reply appropriately to a peer's statement with a question. 

Question Go-Fish: 36 Y/N, Who, What, Where, When, and How questions to match with their answers. The cards are color and grin-coordinated to easily spot a match!
Blank Template Pages: 24 blank cards included in the deck for you to use for extra questions or other games.

How I used the game with my students:
First of all, my students LOVED the monster grins on the Popsicle sticks.  They thought it was so funny when holding them up to their mouths.  Each student in my groups received a monster grin before the game started.  
I used “Answering questions” with a few different groups.  I placed all cards face down in a pile in the center of the table.  For my older students, they read the cards themselves and answered the questions.  For my younger students, I read the question to them and if answered correctly, they collected the card.  The student with the most cards at the end was the winner! 
I have so many students struggling with formulating questions so I was so excited to try the activity out.  I set up the game by placing all cards face down in the center of the table.  They took turns choosing cards and reading their chosen topic and the question starter.  If an appropriate question was formulated, the student kept the card.  Whoever had the most cards at the end was the winner!
The last activity I used was Replying where students take turns choosing cards and read the prompt (i.e. I had a soccer game this weekend).  Another student in the group must reply with an appropriate question (i.e. Did you win or what was the score?)  This is another great activity for student struggling with formulating questions.  My students were very successful with this activity because of the prompts on the cards.

This is an extremely useful and engaging game that I’m sure your students will absolutely love.  I used this activity with students in grades 1-4.  This activity has endless possibilities and is a must have! 

 This product is one of many products by one of my absolute favorite SLP bloggin' friends, Danielle.  She is truly a talented SLP!  This material can be found on her TpT store.  Also, check out her Facebook page and blog!

Enjoy everyone!!

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{NEW} Formulating and Identifying Simple/Compound Sentences!

This "monkey" themed game focuses on identifying and expressing simple and compound sentences. This activity is perfect for students working on grammar, expanding utterances, formulating sentences, and more!!!

There are two games included in this activity. 

Game 1:
Poster: How to formulate sentences
36 cards with a word/words which students must use in a complete sentence. Each card has a point value 1 through 3.
Mats for students to track their points earned.
9 wild cards worth 5 points

 Game 2:

Poster: Simple vs. compound sentences
48 cards with either simple or compound sentences.
Choice cards stating “simple” and “compound” for students to hold up during the game. Optional: attach to popsicle sticks.
Answer key

Game 1:
Students take turns choosing cards and putting the word/words in a complete sentence. If produced correctly, the student either collects the card or marks the number of points on his/her mat. Once the game is finished, students should total their points. 
Whoever has the most points wins! 

Game 2:
The SLP/teacher chooses and reads a card. Students listen and will either hold up the “simple” or “compound” card. Each student who answers correctly earns 1 point. Points can be tracked on a dry/erase board or paper. The student with the most points wins!

Enjoy everyone!!! 

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Valentine's Day activities for this week!

As you all know, Valentine's Day is this Thursday!  I love to see the cards students exchange in class and how excited they all get!  I'm sure many of you have seen tons of Valentine's Day themed TpT activities.  Will you be using any this week in your speech room?  I will be using two  of my {FREEBIES}, Valentine's Day Vocabulary Matching and Heart Train of Multiple Meaning Words along with a few other ideas/activities!  A few days ago, I posted about the Valentine's Day speech booklets my students would be making.  Many of my groups worked on the booklets last week and will be finishing up this week.  I love doing little crafts or DIY type activities especially because they can be used as homework/carryover.  

Here is how the Valentine's Day speech booklets have been coming along so far... 

 I love that the students have been practicing writing and saying their speech words, being creative, and having fun with this adorable activity!

Below is a picture of a few other activities we will be doing this week.  My students will be reading/discussing the book, There was an old lady who swallowed a rose!  We will follow it up by using Crazy Speech World's language unit that goes with the book!  

I found this cute "heart" worksheet in a folder that was left by the previous speech therapist.  The idea is to have students color in a piece of the heart each time he/she produces a speech sound correctly.  I am also going to use this with some of my language groups.  For example, if the student answers a "wh" question correctly, he/she will color in a piece.  I love that this worksheet is so versatile! 
Finally, I will be using my two Valentine's Day {FREEBIES}.  You can head over to my TpT store to check out all the details and grab them!

Hope you all can use some of the ideas/activities listed here with your students this week!  
Live Love Speech

Friday, February 8, 2013

Superhero Emotions Activity and a VDAY {FREEBIE}

Happy Friday!  I am hoping the blizzard doesn't hit us too hard!  I hope you are all safe tonight!!!  Since I am stuck at home tonight, I want to post about my two newest activities....

Superhero Emotions Activity {Listening & Identifying/Expressing Emotions}

I have used various "superhero" type graphics in several of my activities.  My students absolutely love them!!!  This first activity includes 81 game cards and has been created to target listening skills and identifying/expressing emotions.

Game board
Emotion “choice” board
Numbered emotion board
2 Sets of number cards: 1 to 12
Set 1: 45 cards with targeted emotional phrases 
Set 2: 36 cards with phrases to be read with various emotional inflections.

How to play:
Set 1: Place the emotion “choice” board in the center of the table. All game cards should be placed in a pile. Students take turns choosing the top card from the pile and read or listen to the phrase. Once the appropriate emotion is named, the student rolls the dice and moves on the game board. 
Set 2: Place the numbered emotion board in the center of the table. Emotion game cards and number cards should be placed in face down and side by side in separate piles. Each student will choose an emotion card and a number card. He/she will locate the emotion that matches the number and read the phrase in a tone of voice that matches the targeted emotion. The first student to raise his/her hand or buzz in and guess the emotion correctly, gets the card! The student with the most cards wins!

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Matching {FREEBIE}

This freebie can be used with students to work on identifying vocabulary words and meanings while having fun!

18 Valentine’s Day vocabulary words
18 Valentine’s Day themed vocabulary word meanings
6 wild cards
4 “Candy boxes” 

How to play:

This game was created to be played as a matching game. Vocabulary words and meaning cards should be separated and placed face down. Students take turns choosing cards and try to match the word to the correct meaning. When a word and meaning are correctly matched, the student will collect the matches on their own “candy box”. The student to make the most matches wins the game! If students choose a wild card, they must put back a set of matches!

Here are the links for BOTH activities....

Hope you all enjoy!!!! 

Live Love Speech