Tuesday, February 12, 2013

{NEW} Formulating and Identifying Simple/Compound Sentences!

This "monkey" themed game focuses on identifying and expressing simple and compound sentences. This activity is perfect for students working on grammar, expanding utterances, formulating sentences, and more!!!

There are two games included in this activity. 

Game 1:
Poster: How to formulate sentences
36 cards with a word/words which students must use in a complete sentence. Each card has a point value 1 through 3.
Mats for students to track their points earned.
9 wild cards worth 5 points

 Game 2:

Poster: Simple vs. compound sentences
48 cards with either simple or compound sentences.
Choice cards stating “simple” and “compound” for students to hold up during the game. Optional: attach to popsicle sticks.
Answer key

Game 1:
Students take turns choosing cards and putting the word/words in a complete sentence. If produced correctly, the student either collects the card or marks the number of points on his/her mat. Once the game is finished, students should total their points. 
Whoever has the most points wins! 

Game 2:
The SLP/teacher chooses and reads a card. Students listen and will either hold up the “simple” or “compound” card. Each student who answers correctly earns 1 point. Points can be tracked on a dry/erase board or paper. The student with the most points wins!

Enjoy everyone!!!