Friday, February 8, 2013

Superhero Emotions Activity and a VDAY {FREEBIE}

Happy Friday!  I am hoping the blizzard doesn't hit us too hard!  I hope you are all safe tonight!!!  Since I am stuck at home tonight, I want to post about my two newest activities....

Superhero Emotions Activity {Listening & Identifying/Expressing Emotions}

I have used various "superhero" type graphics in several of my activities.  My students absolutely love them!!!  This first activity includes 81 game cards and has been created to target listening skills and identifying/expressing emotions.

Game board
Emotion “choice” board
Numbered emotion board
2 Sets of number cards: 1 to 12
Set 1: 45 cards with targeted emotional phrases 
Set 2: 36 cards with phrases to be read with various emotional inflections.

How to play:
Set 1: Place the emotion “choice” board in the center of the table. All game cards should be placed in a pile. Students take turns choosing the top card from the pile and read or listen to the phrase. Once the appropriate emotion is named, the student rolls the dice and moves on the game board. 
Set 2: Place the numbered emotion board in the center of the table. Emotion game cards and number cards should be placed in face down and side by side in separate piles. Each student will choose an emotion card and a number card. He/she will locate the emotion that matches the number and read the phrase in a tone of voice that matches the targeted emotion. The first student to raise his/her hand or buzz in and guess the emotion correctly, gets the card! The student with the most cards wins!

Valentine’s Day Vocabulary Matching {FREEBIE}

This freebie can be used with students to work on identifying vocabulary words and meanings while having fun!

18 Valentine’s Day vocabulary words
18 Valentine’s Day themed vocabulary word meanings
6 wild cards
4 “Candy boxes” 

How to play:

This game was created to be played as a matching game. Vocabulary words and meaning cards should be separated and placed face down. Students take turns choosing cards and try to match the word to the correct meaning. When a word and meaning are correctly matched, the student will collect the matches on their own “candy box”. The student to make the most matches wins the game! If students choose a wild card, they must put back a set of matches!

Here are the links for BOTH activities....

Hope you all enjoy!!!! 

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