Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Years! Bring on 2013!!

Happy New Years Eve everyone!!! I am so excited to see what 2013 has to bring!  I just started blogging and making activities in late October/early November of this year.  I have met amazing SLPs and educators along my short journey.  I am so proud and excited to be an SLP and a part of the blogging world.  

My New Year's Resolution this year is to be more organized, prepared, and overall have more fun in therapy with my students!  Kristin over at Simply Speech {check out her blog if you haven't already!} had a great idea to have a sale which starts on January 2nd for all the fabulous SLPs with materials on TPT.  I am so excited to be a part of it!

I have updated almost all of the pictures that go with my activities on TPT.  Be sure to check them out here....

Be sure to stock up on new materials for the new year during the Speech and Language Materials sale!!  Look for this cute badge to see who else is participating!!

I hope you all have a safe and happy new years and are ready to kick off 2013!!!  Thanks for all the support and love!!!


Friday, December 28, 2012

Formulating Candy Questions!!!

Here is the newest addition to my "candy" activities! This is perfect for Valentine's Day and/or all year around!! This activity includes 100 CARDS targeting FORMULATING QUESTIONS!

This Packet Includes:

“Gummy bear” pieces (print as many pages as needed), “Candy castles” to collect earned “gummy bears”, 48 cards for asking questions according to attributes, 40 cards for asking questions according to given “WH” prompt, and 12 wild cards.

To Play:

Students take turns choosing cards and listening to the sentences. On the “gummy bear” cards, students should ask a question according to the given attribute. On the “lollipop” cards, students should ask a who, what, where, when, or why question. If an appropriate question is asked, they roll a dice (any dice will do!) and collect that number of gummy bear pieces.

Stay tuned for the next "Candy Activity!"


Thursday, December 27, 2012

As a THANK YOU for reaching 500 likes on FB....

I am so excited and thankful for all the amazing support!  My SUPER OWL RIDDLES is now FREE for a few hours over at my TPT store.  I also have put ALL activities on SALE until tomorrow.  Go grab the freebie and check out my other activities.  Make sure to head over to my Facebook page for more giveaway opportunities.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Auditory Memory Candy and Sweets!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and you are all enjoying your time off!!!  I am trying to get as many suggestions as possible for activities you would all love to see.  Here is my NEWEST activity targeting AUDITORY MEMORY!!!  Grab this activity here ~~~>

Check out pictures, ideas, and directions below....

I love these adorable graphics from JW Illustrations!  
Review the above strategies prior to playing this activity with your students.  They are all very beneficial to use with our students struggling with Auditory Processing Disorders.

I have included this game board to use with the activity.  Use dice and any "game pieces" along with the board!

There are 80 CARDS targeting Auditory Memory for Words (3-5 words per card).

There are 48 CARDS targeting Auditory Memory for Short and Long Sentences.

Finally, I have included 12 WILD CARDS for added fun!!!

MORE "CANDY" ACTIVITIES WILL BE COMING SOON!!!  Be sure to follow my blog, "like" my Facebook page, AND follow my TPT store for upcoming activities!  Here is all the information you need...

Facebook page

TPT Store

Also...check me out on PINTEREST! (Click the link on the side of my blog!)

Thanks for all your support everyone! You are all the best!!!!


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

/R/ Blends for Penguin Friends FREEBIE

We are so close to winter break!  I don't know about all of you but I am super excited.  I will hopefully do a lot of relaxing, sleeping in, spending time with friends and family, and of course creating new activities!  Here is my latest FREEBIE for all of you!  Hope you and your students enjoy....

This activity targets /r/ blends in the initial and final positions.  There are 40 cards and two "penguin on ice" boards.

How to Play: Each student gets a “penguin on ice” board. Students take turns choosing cards and either say the word or put it in a sentence. Once the word/sentence is produced, students should place the penguin on the ice with his other friends! Whoever collects the most penguin friends is the winner!

Hope you all enjoy! Click here to download this FREEBIE.  Don't forget to leave me feedback!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monster Articulation Jeopardy for /S/

Hey everyone!  I have had amazing feedback on creating more "game show" activities!  So here it is...Monster Articulation Jeopardy for /S/.  This activity targets /s/ in the initial, medial, and final position of words.  Students will answer trivia questions and create their own sentences when given one or two words.  You can certainly use this with other students as well who are working on answering questions, expanding utterances, vocabulary, and more!
•Game board with five categories and point values
•24 cards for each category.  That’s 4 cards for each point value… 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 which equals 144 game cards TOTAL.
•“Monster” game pieces to cover the points called by your students.•“Bonus Monster Cards” to be used as “Double Points” at your discretion.

•Print all pages on card stock and laminate

•Cut apart all cards and sort according to category and point value
•Cut apart the “Monster” game pieces and attach Velcro to back of each piece.
•Place the other pieces of Velcro over each point value on the board. *This will allow the monsters to cover the point values as they are called.
•Alternative : If you choose not to cover the point values with the included “Monster” game pieces, you can use a dry-erase marker to cross off the point values as they are chosen.

Here is how to play:

•Use the included game board with categories and point values
•Students take turns choosing a category and point value
•The SLP/teacher will read cards (or allow your students to take turns reading the card) according to which category/point value is chosen.
•After a category/point value is answered correctly, cover the space with the “monster” game piece or cross it off with a dry erase marker.
•Add in one or two “bonus” monster cards to allow your students to earn extra points!

•Keep track of your students’ points on a dry erase board and total at the end of the session.

I hope you all enjoy this activity!! Here is where you can grab it....

Head over to my Facebook page for an upcoming chance to win this activity!

Thanks everyone!
Live Love Speech

Tangled Tuesday with Live Love Speech and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl!

Two Speechies Tangled Together: Live Love Speech and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

I am so excited to be a part of Tangled Tuesdays which was created by Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl!  This is a great way for SLPs to swap materials, provide feedback, and help others make better decisions when choosing what to purchase from TPT.  BOTH of our activities are on SALE today and tomorrow!  Look for the information at the end of this post!

Amy over at Major Speech Pathology Fun is reviewing my Monster Speech Jeopardy!!  Make sure to head over to her blog to see a review of my activity.
This post is a little lengthy, but continue reading the review and look for a FREEBIE at the end!!

I had the opportunity to review and use the activity Crayon Color Definitions! This is an adorable game targeting words and definitions.  Included in this activity are:  60 definition pairs which include a word on one card and definition on the other. That’s 120 cards total! 
There is also a crayon box sheet so students can keep track of their crayon colors. Finally, 9 “oopsy” cards are included to make the game a little more interesting (i.e. You broke your crayon, put 4 crayons back in the box). 

This activity can be played 6 different ways!

1. Go-Fish Format: Students ask each other questions like, “Does anyone have the definition for scissors?”
2. Expressive Manner: The student selects a definition card and then states the definition.
3. Memory Activity
4. Hide and Seek Game: Hide all of the definition cards. Pass out the word cards evenly among the students. Have each student give their definition of the word on the cards. The students can then search the room for the definitions to their cards. If the student finds a definition that does not fit his/her cards, the card stays in the hiding spot
5. Choice of 3:  Each student gets a word card and 3 of the definition cards are placed in front of the student. The student selects the correct definition from a choice of 3.
6. Amy’s favorite way to play is by splitting the cards up between words and definitions. Each student reads the word and states the definition. If correct, the student receives the definition card. The student who acquires the full crayon box of colors first or has the most different colors in their box wins the game. Only the word cards contain crayon colors.

I used this activity with a group of my second graders.  The way we played this game was according to the rules of choices of 3!  I have many students who are visual learners therefore having the 3 cards in front of them was very helpful with increasing accuracy of answers.  We played multiple rounds (in order to get as much data as possible!).  Each time a student chose the correct answer, he/she got to collect the word card and put it on his/her “crayon box”.  They loved looking to see who had the most crayons and what colors everyone had.  Many of my students love games with some “competition” so they especially loved the OOPSY cards!  They thought it was so funny when someone would have to put their crayons back.  Everyone was really good sports about it! 

Overall, I would say this activity was very successful!  I love that it targets vocabulary, definitions, and expressive language.  Anyone working on vocabulary goals with their students would definitely benefit from picking up this activity. 

BOTH of our activities, Monster Speech Jeopardy and Crayon Color Definitions are on sale for the next TWO DAYS over at TPT!

Here is the link to my TPT store

Also, head over to facebook and click "like"!
Here is all the information you need for Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl:

Direct link to this activity

Link to the FREEBIE

Link to Amy’s Blog
I hope you all enjoyed this post and will visit Amy's blog! 

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Friday, December 14, 2012

Elf in the Speech Room!!!

Who else is doing Elf on a Shelf in their speech room/classroom???  My students are absolutely loving it!  Everyday they come in and the first thing they say is, "Where is the elf?!"  My students have named our Elf, "Jingle Bells".  We read the book last week and have been doing different short activities during speech sessions such as:  "WH" questions, basic concepts, vocabulary, articulation, comprehension, predicting, and more!  There is so much you can do with the Elf on a Shelf and the book!  Take a peek at what Jingle Bells has been up to in the speech room....

Leave me a comment below if you are doing Elf on the Shelf with your students!  I'd love to hear your ideas and how much your students are enjoying it!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Who wants to be a SUPERHERO activity!

I am so excited about this SOCIAL SKILLS activity!!!  I have been working long and hard on this one.  This activity is similar to the TV/GAME show, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire.

Click here to download this activity ~~> TPT Store

It targets Social Language Development as well as:
Cause and Effect, Reasoning, Sequencing, Story Retelling, Main Idea, Answering Questions, Inferences, Predicting, and Drawing Conclusions!

So here it is.....
This social skills activity presents everyday situations found at school, at home, and in the community.


LIFELINES (Four sets of lifelines on one page)
ASK A FRIEND:  The student may ask another student in the group or the SLP/teacher for assistance on the question.
JUMP A QUESTION:  The student may choose to skip over one of the questions asked.
SECOND CHANCE:  If the student answers incorrectly, he/she may give a “second” answer.

•Each board features the amounts 100 through 1000 allowing the students to track the number of points earned as they answer questions correctly
•The stars are given to students to “cover” the point values on their boards when questions are answered correctly

SET A: 30 cards with brief social situations and 5 questions the students will answer about the situation
•SET B: 60 cards where the student will read and/or listen to the social situation and decide which of the 4 choices would be the best solution in that situation. 


•Print all pages on cardstock and laminate
•Cut apart the “Star” pieces
•Each student will get a game board and 3 lifelines to use whenever they would like throughout the game
•Student or SLP/Teacher will choose a card and read/listen to the social situation. 
•If the student is unsure of an answer, he/she may use one of the 3 “lifelines”.
•When the student answers all questions or chooses the correct answer on a card, the SLP/teacher will give him/her a STAR to cover a point value (100, 200, 300, etc.)
•The first student to reach 1000 points is a SUPERHERO!!!

Hope you and your students love this activity as much as I do!!!! 

Live Love Speech

Chain Letter Link-Up!

This amazing chain letter "link-up" idea was created by Teach Speech 365.  It is in an effort to connect all these great SLP/education blogs.  

This is how the chain letter will work: Teach Speech 365 interviewed 4 bloggers (myself included).  Now I have had the opportunity to interview 2 additional bloggers, who will in turn interview 2 more. Each of those will interview 2, etc. Each will also do a blog post with the interview questions and adding the "Chain Letter Link-Up" label. Hopefully, readers will enjoy following the chain and you might be introduced to some new blogs! Thanks to everyone who agreed to participate!


Here is my information:

Here are the two amazing SLPs I interviewed.....

1. Your name, email, blog address, link to TpT store if you have one
Tatyana Elleseff
I use TPT only for purchases at this time

2. When and why did you start blogging?
I started mainstream blogging fairly recently in August of 2011, when I became an occasional contributor to ashasphere. Later that year I started blogging on my own website at my husband's suggestion that I turn my previously written articles into blog posts. I started out blogging because I couldn't find information available on the topics that I was interested in (Internationally Adopted Children, language disorders secondary to psychiatric impairments, Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders, etc) so since I knew something about it I decided to post it.

3. What is your favorite population to work with?
Children with alcohol related deficits; children with psychiatric impairments, internationally adopted children from Eastern Europe; bilingual/multicultural children

4. How much time per week do you spend blogging and/or creating materials?
It varies and depends on inspiration; I can do several posts in a row or not blog for a month due to numerous other projects and commitments

5. What's your favorite topic to create materials for?
I actually don't create any original materials but I enjoy using what I have purchased at TPT or gotten as a Freebie through TPT and FB. My two favorite topics are semantic flexibility and social pragmatic language skills.

6. What's the best thing about blogging?
You get your voice out there and you find out that people are really interested and appreciative of what you have to say. It becomes incredibly addictive actually. When people are so complimentary, you really don't want to stop, you just want to post more.

7. Do you have any blogging tips?
Don't force it! Write when the inspiration strikes you. I've never been the type of a person who sat by the laptop and just had to produce something when i really didn't feel like writing. I find that I am most productive when I am inspired by something whether its an idea, an image, or a topic.

8. Add a question and answer of your choice (can be speech related or not).
For those of you using RTI, I'd love to know how it has been working out for you. I am a HUGE proponent of preventive care be in in medicine and speech pathology, so RTI makes great sense to me. However, because of my work settings (hospital and private practice) I've never had an opportunity to really implement it in action on a massive scale. So I would love to know your thoughts on this?

Come visit my FB page for continuous freebies and frequent giveaways-the current of which is a wordless picture book packet.

Special thanks to Kristine Lamb of livelovespeech for interviewing me for this project!

1. Your name, email, blog address, link to TpT store if you have one
Jennifer Shamberger

2. When and why did you start blogging?
I just started last month. I had been thinking about it for a while and finally just took the plunge. I want a place where I can share ideas and force my self to become more creative with how I am delivering service. I love the community of people that is forming and really just want to grow from it.

3. What is your favorite population to work with?
I love working with students with Autism Spectrum Disorders

4. How much time per week do you spend blogging and/or creating materials?
Probably about 10-15 hours.

5. What's your favorite topic to create materials for?
Auditory memory and phonemic awareness are big skills I am working on with students right now. I also make a lot of visual supports for communication with my students with ASD.

6. What's the best thing about blogging?
So far, just keeping a record for myself about activites I am trying. Also, I love having links to other blogs and gaining ideas there too.

7. Do you have any blogging tips?
So far I feel like I am just winging it and learning myself. I am just trying to figure out the tech side of the blog- I feel a little overwhelmed sometimes because there is so much I don't know!

8. Add a question and answer of your choice (can be speech related or not).
What is your favorite activity to do with your students?
I love it when I get to create things with my students, whether it is a craft or a story. I love their creativity!

FREEBIE courtsey of SpeechUniverse
It is called Winter People Sentences- Verb Match

Thanks everyone for participating and viewing!
Live Love Speech

Sunday, December 9, 2012

FREEBIE! Snowy Synonyms!

Here is a Sunday night FREEBIE for all of you!  It is similar to my Snowy Phonological Awareness but this activity focuses on Synonyms!  

This activity challenges students to find and match words with the same meanings.

Included: 72 individual words, 4 game boards, and answer key.

How to Play: Print and laminate all pages. Cut apart all individual words and place face down on table or playing area. Students take turns choosing words until they find synonyms. Each student receives a game board where he/she can place the synonyms side by side.

Alternate Play: Students can work together and try to fill all 4 game boards. 

I hope you all enjoy and please leave feedback....More activities coming soon featuring articulation and social skills!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

FREEBIE for Phonological Awareness

Hey everyone!!  I hope you all have been enjoying my blog posts and activities so far.  This has been such an amazing experience so far and I could not be happier with how many of you are following and downloading my activities.  Here is my latest FREEBIE...Snowy Phonological Awareness!!!

Head over to my TPT Store to grab this FREEBIE!  Please leave me some feedback if you download.  I hope you and your students enjoy it!!!!

Multiple Choice Articulation! (App Review and GIVEAWAY)

I am so excited to have the opportunity to do a review of AND giveaway a copy of Multiple Choice Articulation.  This app was created by Erik X. Raj who not only is a former college classmate but also a good friend.  It is compatible with the iPad, iPad mini, iPhone, and iPod touch.

This app features over 500 multiple choice questions designed to target the following speech sounds:  S, Z, R, L, S/R/L Blends, SH, CH, and TH.

This interactive app allows students to hear the question and hear the answer.  The audio component for each question and answer is exciting, silly, and thought-provoking which makes students even more engaged!  Erik designed the questions with the intent of initiating exciting conversations.

Each question has an example answer that is so animated it will have your students cracking up!  This app will definitely be a great alternative to traditional articulation drills.

Here is what I love about this app...
  • Students are able to use their own creativity to problem solve, give an explanation, and practice their articulation all at the same time!
  • Like I mentioned before, the audio components for the questions and answers are so creative and animated that your students will laugh and want more!
  • Each card can be used to target sounds at the word, sentence, reading, and conversation levels.  
  • More than just articulation is targeted including memory, "wh" question comprehension, problem solving, sentence formulation, word order, turn taking and more!
  • This app can be used in the therapy room, classroom, and even at home (which is amazing for carryover!)
My students absolutely love this app and yours will too!  It is a must have!  For a chance to win this app, please enter below.  Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway