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Tangled Tuesday with Live Love Speech and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl!

Two Speechies Tangled Together: Live Love Speech and Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl

I am so excited to be a part of Tangled Tuesdays which was created by Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl!  This is a great way for SLPs to swap materials, provide feedback, and help others make better decisions when choosing what to purchase from TPT.  BOTH of our activities are on SALE today and tomorrow!  Look for the information at the end of this post!

Amy over at Major Speech Pathology Fun is reviewing my Monster Speech Jeopardy!!  Make sure to head over to her blog to see a review of my activity.
This post is a little lengthy, but continue reading the review and look for a FREEBIE at the end!!

I had the opportunity to review and use the activity Crayon Color Definitions! This is an adorable game targeting words and definitions.  Included in this activity are:  60 definition pairs which include a word on one card and definition on the other. That’s 120 cards total! 
There is also a crayon box sheet so students can keep track of their crayon colors. Finally, 9 “oopsy” cards are included to make the game a little more interesting (i.e. You broke your crayon, put 4 crayons back in the box). 

This activity can be played 6 different ways!

1. Go-Fish Format: Students ask each other questions like, “Does anyone have the definition for scissors?”
2. Expressive Manner: The student selects a definition card and then states the definition.
3. Memory Activity
4. Hide and Seek Game: Hide all of the definition cards. Pass out the word cards evenly among the students. Have each student give their definition of the word on the cards. The students can then search the room for the definitions to their cards. If the student finds a definition that does not fit his/her cards, the card stays in the hiding spot
5. Choice of 3:  Each student gets a word card and 3 of the definition cards are placed in front of the student. The student selects the correct definition from a choice of 3.
6. Amy’s favorite way to play is by splitting the cards up between words and definitions. Each student reads the word and states the definition. If correct, the student receives the definition card. The student who acquires the full crayon box of colors first or has the most different colors in their box wins the game. Only the word cards contain crayon colors.

I used this activity with a group of my second graders.  The way we played this game was according to the rules of choices of 3!  I have many students who are visual learners therefore having the 3 cards in front of them was very helpful with increasing accuracy of answers.  We played multiple rounds (in order to get as much data as possible!).  Each time a student chose the correct answer, he/she got to collect the word card and put it on his/her “crayon box”.  They loved looking to see who had the most crayons and what colors everyone had.  Many of my students love games with some “competition” so they especially loved the OOPSY cards!  They thought it was so funny when someone would have to put their crayons back.  Everyone was really good sports about it! 

Overall, I would say this activity was very successful!  I love that it targets vocabulary, definitions, and expressive language.  Anyone working on vocabulary goals with their students would definitely benefit from picking up this activity. 

BOTH of our activities, Monster Speech Jeopardy and Crayon Color Definitions are on sale for the next TWO DAYS over at TPT!

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Here is all the information you need for Major Speech Pathology Fun by a Minor Girl:

Direct link to this activity

Link to the FREEBIE

Link to Amy’s Blog
I hope you all enjoyed this post and will visit Amy's blog! 

Live Love Speech

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