Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Auditory Memory Candy and Sweets!

I hope everyone had an amazing holiday and you are all enjoying your time off!!!  I am trying to get as many suggestions as possible for activities you would all love to see.  Here is my NEWEST activity targeting AUDITORY MEMORY!!!  Grab this activity here ~~~>

Check out pictures, ideas, and directions below....

I love these adorable graphics from JW Illustrations!  
Review the above strategies prior to playing this activity with your students.  They are all very beneficial to use with our students struggling with Auditory Processing Disorders.

I have included this game board to use with the activity.  Use dice and any "game pieces" along with the board!

There are 80 CARDS targeting Auditory Memory for Words (3-5 words per card).

There are 48 CARDS targeting Auditory Memory for Short and Long Sentences.

Finally, I have included 12 WILD CARDS for added fun!!!

MORE "CANDY" ACTIVITIES WILL BE COMING SOON!!!  Be sure to follow my blog, "like" my Facebook page, AND follow my TPT store for upcoming activities!  Here is all the information you need...

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Thanks for all your support everyone! You are all the best!!!!


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