Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Activities and a {FREEBIE}

I am so excited that next week is my spring break!!  I have lots and lots of plans including SHOPPING, RELAXING, BLOGGING, and MAKING NEW ACTIVITIES!  Oh did I mention, SLEEPING IN?!  I couldn't be more excited about that last one.  Be sure to read all the way to the end of this post for a BRAND NEW FREEBIE!

I wanted to share with you all what we have been doing this last week before break in the speech room!
First, my students have been reading another one of the awesome "Old Lady" books.  They absolutely love taking turns reading and always laugh at all the silly things the old lady swallows in the book.  Last year, I found these free printables below (I can't remember from where but if you search for them on Google, I'm sure you can find them).  We used them with the story in order to work on sequencing skills!

Next is my favorite activity of the week!  I have been using it with my articulation and language kiddos.  My articulation groups have been getting 8 blank eggs and a basket.  Each student writes words that have his/her speech sound.  Next, they get to color and decorate the eggs and basket.  Finally, all the eggs get glued on the basket.  The best part about this cute little craft is it can be used as CARRYOVER!  My language groups have been getting sheets with the patterned eggs.  As they work on coloring and getting crafty, I go around to each student and work on various goals (i.e. "wh" questions, following directions, inferences, etc.).    I will post pics of all the amazing Easter egg baskets my students have made soon!!

Some of my older students have been doing the "spring" word search that I found here ~~>

Finally, we have been playing my TWO newest activities:  Easter Monster Name Game and Easter Eggs Reinforcer Game {FREEBIE}.  You can find all the information on BOTH activities at my TpT store.

Last but not least, here is my newest FREEBIE, Spring Questions!  You can grab it HERE!


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your fine work! The freebies look wonderful :) Heading over to the store now.

  2. Thank you! Great for my four-year olds working on "wh" questions