Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Articulation Flowers!

Here in NJ we are finally getting nice, warm weather!  It is actually starting to feel like Spring.  The beautiful weather has inspired me to create some new activities for the speech room.  The first one I want to share with you is articulation flowers.  
Here is what I used for this activity:
Different colored die-cut flowers, construction paper, glue sticks, articulation pictures (according to your student's goals), and crayons.

Above are two of my students working on their adorable articulation flowers.  I gave them 3 pages of pictures with their speech sounds and had them choose around 10 pictures.  They chose to color their pictures.  My students each glued 5 of the die-cut flowers on a piece of construction paper.  Next, they each cut out all of their pictures.  They glued some of the articulation pictures in the center of the flowers and the rest all over the paper.  
Here are some of the finished projects!  I think they came out absolutely adorable.  Such a cute project for spring!!  I hope you can use this idea in your very own speech room.

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