Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Fun and Creative Spring Activities!!!

I hope you all enjoyed or are currently enjoying your Spring Break!  As always, it went by way too quickly for me; however, I am excited about some of the upcoming spring activities I have planned for my students.  Scroll down to see what supplies are needed and how to make each project seen in the picture!  Hopefully you will be able to use some of these activities in your own speech room or classroom.

Watercolor Butterflies

Supplies needed:  
Coffee filters, pipe cleaners (cut in half), "do a dot" stampers, water bottle, disposable tin trays, and paper plates.

How to make:  
You have probably seen several different versions of this project on Pinterest.  I believe that is where I found the idea last year and just changed things slightly.  First, each student should get a paper plate and coffee filter.  Have the students flatten their coffee filter as best as possible on top of the plate.  Next, I allow the students to take turns choosing "do a dot" colors (approximately 4) and start stamping away!  Remind students to cover as much "white" with color as possible to make for a beautiful/colorful butterfly.  You may need to help your students with this next step.  Carefully pinch the center of the coffee filter and slide on half of a folded pipe cleaner.  Once in place, twist the pipe cleaner 2 or 3 times and separate the ends to look like antennas.  Once the little butterfly is formed, students place them in a disposable tin.  Next is the fun part!  Students take turns using the water bottle and gently spray their butterflies to start blending the colors together.  *Be sure you supervise the last step and make sure the coffee filters do not get too drenched!* 

Here are some of my last year student's butterflies hanging up!  They turned out absolutely adorable!

I Love Bugs!

Supplies needed:  
Any "buggy" book (last year I chose to read I Love Bugs! by Emma Dodd), printable leaf or leaves, crayons, different shaped foam pieces, and glue.  
How to make:  
Each student gets a "leaf", 4 or 5 foam pieces, crayons, and glue.  Students should color their leaf and glue on their foam pieces.  Next, they should make their foam pieces look like "bugs" by drawing stripes, spots, faces, legs, etc.  That's pretty much it!  Super simple and super cute!


Supplies needed:
Paper plates (cut in half), black pom-poms (small or large), circles and strips cut out of black construction paper, shredded pieces of red tissue paper, glue, and any "ladybug" book (I chose The Grouchy Ladybug by Eric Carle).
How to make:
Each student will glue on pieces of red tissue paper to cover as much white as possible.  Next, flip the plate over and glue on the circle and 2 strips to make it look like a head and antennas.  Once that is done, flip it back over and glue on a few black pom-poms to look like the ladybugs spots.  Last year a few of my students glues on a few black strips around the sides of the plate to look like legs as well.  

Mother's Day (or just for Spring) Flowers

Supplies needed:
Cupcake liners, "do a dot" stampers, construction paper, paper plates, green strips (for stems), green "leaves", crayons, and glue.

How to make:  
This project is similar to the butterflies mentioned earlier minus the spray bottle.  Each student will stamp two cupcake liners (these will be the tops of the flowers).  Next, they will glue on two long strips of green paper (as the stems) and leaves.  *I free handed the leaves but feel free to trace and cut out if you would like*  The tops of the flowers get glued on top of the stems.  Finally, students can address their flowers to whomever they would like (mom, grandmom, sister, etc.).  You can certainly eliminate the personalized part and just use this project as cute spring flowers!

Thanks for checking out these spring activities.  I'd love to hear from you if you use any of them in your own classroom or speech room.  

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