Monday, September 16, 2013

Review of MagneTalk Match-up Adventures Kit PLUS a DISCOUNT code!

This is a review of the language based magnetic barrier games and activities by Super Duper.  Be sure to read the entire review because there is a DISCOUNT CODE to purchase your very own copy at the bottom of this post!!!  First of all, some people may be asking, what are barrier games?  Well I am here to answer that for you!  Barrier games are something I learned about in undergraduate school.  I quickly realized how well they work for kids/students of all ages and how many speech/language goals can be targeted while using them.

A barrier game is played with two or more students sitting at a table or on the floor with some kind of barrier(s) dividing the students.  Example, one student can be on each side of the barrier or two students on each side, and so on.  You want to make sure the students can not see what is going on, on the other side of the barrier.  Every student or team should have the same materials in front of them. The students take turns giving the other students specific directions on how to arrange the materials in front of them.  The key is for the students to do this verbally ONLY with no visual cues what so ever.  The object of the game is to have each student’s or team’s board/materials look exactly the same!

Goals targeted using MagneTalk Match-up Adventures Kit and other Barrier Games:

Following Directions
Giving Directions
Auditory Memory
Basic concepts
Deductive Reasoning
Answering/Asking “WH” questions

Here is what you will receive when you purchase the MagneTalk Match-up Adventures Kit (with Barrier):
10 game boards (two of each scene: camping, picnic, outer space, ocean, and grocery store)
2-sided magnetic, dry erase tabletop easel (12" x 16")
10 magnets for each game board (100 magnetic pieces)
34-page reproducible activity book with a CD-ROM
Dry erase marker
How to use the MagneTalk Match-up Adventures Kit in your Speech Room!
First you will choose which game board you want to use (or let your students choose!).  For this review, I chose game board number 2 which is a park/picnic scene.  Next, you will slide the game boards (one on each side) into the barrier (as seen below).  You will also need to take out the two cooresponding sets of magnets.  I have each set in individual bags so it is easier to find them.  If you do happen to mix up the magnets, do not worry!!!  All the magnets are labeled with a number on the back.  How great is that?!

 Next you will want to set up the barrier on the table or floor in between your students as seen above.  Each student or team of students will be looking at identical game boards.  Here is where the fun part comes into play...
Depending on the ages and levels of your students, you can play this a few different ways.  For my older students who are working on giving/following directions, I let them take turns giving eachother instructions.  For example, student A may tell student B to put the duck IN the pond.  Next, student B would have a turn to give student A directions and so on.  Look at all the goals that were just targeted in that one tiny example...deductive reasoning, basic concepts, listening, following AND giving directions, memory, and MORE!  For my younger students, I am normally the one giving the directions which they can all follow at the same time.
 No matter the ages of the students, they LOVE seeing if their boards match at the end of the game!  If everyone followed the directions correctly, the boards should look identical (or very close to it!).
Finally, I just LOVE that this kit comes with a reproducible activity book and CD!  This makes homework and carryover so much easier and more exciting! 
I really hope you all enjoyed this review.  The people at Super Duper are AMAZING and super generous.  They have given me a 30% off DISCOUNT CODE on this product which is good until September 30th!! Click here to go purchase your very own copy of this kit!
 Here is the CODE: DDQ6GMD3
Live Love Speech

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