Tuesday, September 3, 2013

SLP TRIVIA Questions, Answers, and Winners!!!

Hey everyone! I hope you all enjoyed SLP Trivia tonight!!  I had so much fun hosting it.  Let's go over all of the answers to the trivia questions and more importantly, announce the winners!  All winners received a product of choice from my TpT store.

As you know there were 3 rounds with 5 questions each.  2 winners per round were chosen.

Round 1: All About Me & My Blog

  • What university did I get my MS from?  Nova Southeastern University
  • What is the sex of my baby due in October? Boy
  • When is my 1st Blog Birthday? October 29
  • How many free products do I have in my TpT store? 20
  • Name 2 of my featured products in my store.  Any of the following 4: Cause and Effect Pirate Island, Mad Scientists Inferences, Following Directions Pizza Party, and Who Wants to be a Social Skills Superhero
Winners of Round 1:  Christina Frenzel and Krista Keleher

Round 2:  Apps and Products

  • Name 2 apps geared towards Auditory Processing Disorder.  Auditory workout by Virtual Speech Center or Auditory Processing Studio by Virtual Speech Center
  • Who is the creator of EET (Expanding Expression Tool)?  Sara Smith
  • Name 1 assessment app by Smarty Ears.  Basic Concepts Skill Screener, Profile of Phonological Awareness, Sunny Artic Phonology Test, etc.
  • What does ELLA stand for? (Hint: It's by Super Duper)  Emerging Literacy & Language Assessment
  • Name 2 of the Hear Builder products by Super Duper.  Following directions, sequencing, phonological awareness, etc.

Winners of Round 2:  Ashley Feldman and Kelly Hungaski

Round 3:  Assessments

  • How does an SLP assess stimulability?  The SLP uses repetition tasks where he/she models the correctly produced sound and asks the child to repeat the sound.  Visual and verbal cues are given to encourage correct production.
  • What components are included in a comprehensive speech and language assessment? Articulation, hearing/vision, voice/fluency, teacher input, parent input, oral-motor exam, case history (educational and developmental), assessment results
  • Name 3 standardized tests used for assessing expressive and/or receptive language.  CELF, PLS-5, CASL, ROWPVT, EOWPVT, etc.
  • What assessment tool can be used for fluency?  SSI
  • What ages can the Goldman-Fristoe be used for? 2-21

Winners of Round 3:  Jennifer Burroughs and Lisa Helvie

Thank you so much to everyone who participated in trivia tonight!!!!  You are all amazing!!

Live Love Speech

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