Friday, June 21, 2013

Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying {App Review & GIVEAWAY}

I just love Super Duper's products and apps!  I am so excited to share with you my review of Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying.  This is a super adorable app perfect for elementary aged students/kids.  Students can learn to name and classify 336 items into 15 different categories using the cutest games!  I can bet your students will love "touring" the island all while exploring and learning! 

As seen above, there are SIX different games/activities included with this app.  By clicking on the "lighthouse" on the left hand side of the screen, you can view the various categories in this app.
By clicking on the "tiki" man on the right hand side of the screen, you are able to add/edit players, view session dates/times and all players scores. You can also change settings for players such as viewing pictures and/or text, hearing audio for categories/item names, and selecting specific categories.  
When you click on the "i" located on the home page, you will be able to read/view all the directions for using this app.  It is extremely informative and a good idea to review before using the app!  

Keep reading to learn all about the SIX activities included in this app.
Class-A-Roo – Help Sally the Kangaroo find her friends by choosing the correct item that goes with the category and putting it in her pouch.
 As seen above, the student will click and drag the correct item to match the category (listed by the kangaroo).   Once several correct matches have been made, one of the kangaroo's friends will appear!  (as seen below).
Picking Parrot – Sort all the items into the correct categories and then feed Paul the Parrot.

 This awesome parrot will explain how the activity will work.  My students just LOVE him.  Next, 5 different blocks with various categories will appear.  Students must drag the items at the top of the screen into the correct category!  Once a few rounds have been completed, Paul the Parrot will be ready to be fed!

 Students will click and drag the food item into Paul the Parrots mouth.  He's hungry and will certainly be happy when he is rewarded by your students!

Skink Ball – Roll the ball down the lane that matches the correct category. Earn a ticket and choose a prize after each game.
 Students will decide which category (lane) the item (ball) needs to be rolled down.  This activity happens to be many of my students favorite!  As soon as they were introduced to this activity, many of them said, "I play this game in the arcade down the shore!".  This brings "ski-ball" right to your iPad!!

Turtle River – Put each turtle on the island with the correct category.  The turtles will move across the center of the screen.  Your students must move quickly and drag the turtles to the correct islands (categories).  

Koala Canvas – Help Cole the Koala identify the correct items in a category while painting a picture.
Students will choose a color palette and picture (as seen above and below). 
 Next, they must choose a paint color (category) on the right hand side of the screen and then tap the corresponding items.  For example, if a student chooses "pink" first (transportation), then he/she must choose all items that fit into the transportation category.  Once all of the items have been correctly placed in their categories, the entire picture will be beautifully painted!  Cole the Koala will appear and praise your students for doing such a great job!

Seal Search – Find Cindy the Seal by choosing the item that does not belong from a group of four.   As seen below, once the correct item that does not belong is chosen, a piece of the puzzle will disappear and reveal part of the hidden picture.

You can find out more about the Kangaroo Island Photo Classifying app by heading over to Super Duper Inc's website.  This app is only $12.99 and is available on the iTunes app store.  I hope you all enjoyed this review!!  Be sure to enter below for a chance to win your very own copy of this amazing app!!

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