Thursday, June 13, 2013

Summer Fun Language Activity!

Have you started your summer already or at least getting ready to?  I hope you can use this activity with your current students, ESY students, children, and more!  The summer graphics are super adorable!!   It is used to target social skills, details, attributes, grammar, sequencing, listening, and more! 

36 colored game cards and 36 black and white homework/activity sheets.

How to Play: 
Print and laminate all colored game cards. Cut apart cards and place face down on table or playing area. Students take turns drawing cards and reading the scenario. Students will talk about the given scenario/situation using attributes, complete sentences, grammar, details, sequencing, and more! Each student will use a dry erase marker to cross off a summer icon each time a detail is given. Have the students provide at least three details for each given scenario. The student to collect the most cards is the winner! The included homework/activity sheets allow students to practice the above skills for carryover. Each summer icon should be colored in each time a detail is given.

I hope you all enjoy!!!  Head over to my TpT store to grab this activity now!

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