Thursday, June 6, 2013

Social Skills Chipper Chat by Super Duper {Review & GIVEAWAY}

How many of you own or use products from Super Duper?!  Personally, I have been using them for years! This company absolutely has the best speech and language materials around.  

Do you have students that are currently working on manners?  What about students who need extra help with building and maintaining peer relationships? These topics and more are all part of social skills and pragmatics.  If you need a new game to help build skills in that area then keep reading to hear all about Social Skills Chipper Chat.  This game is perfect for elementary aged students who need help with discussing and understanding appropriate ways to deal with social situations.  I love that is common core aligned as well!!
Here is what you will receive in this game:
144 Social Scenes
12 Social "Theme" Boards  (Each "theme" has 5 identical boards)
Activity Book with CD-Rom
Magnetic Wand and Chips

The 144 Social Scenes (12 per theme) include colorful and fun pictures that your students are sure to love.  The themes include:

1. Polly Parrot Politeness

2. Race for Responsibility

3. Peer Relation-SHIPS

4. Camp Compliance

5. Assertion Asteroids

6. Staying Focused

7. Operation Cooperation

8. Building Body Language

9. Problem Solving Solution

10. Self-Management Soccer

11. Ice Cream Social Rituals

12. Negotiation Nations

How to play:
First, decide which area you would like your students to work on and choose a board (s) accordingly.  Lay the card on the table for your students to view.  In the example below, I chose one of the social scenes from "Peer Relation-SHIPS".  
Next the SLP or teacher will grab the activity book and read the story that coordinates with the chosen social scene (as seen below).  There are two levels for each story.  Level A is a short, simple story that describes the basic actions in the scene.  This level is perfect your younger students.  I used this level for many of my K-2 students.  Level B is a longer story that goes into more detail and expands on the facts.  This level is perfect for older students with larger attention spans.

Each story includes relevant follow-up questions:
Why Question
Related Question
Reasoning/Predicting Question
Personal Discussion
Each student in the group (up to 5 students) will receive a social theme board.  The border color of the game board matches the scene cards.  The group will listen to the story and get ready to answer the questions.  Each time a question is answered correctly, he/she rolls the dice and collects that number of chips for his/her board.
Now comes probably one of my students favorite part of the entire game, using the "magic wand"!  This game has those awesome little magnetic chips making it fun and easy to clean up with the wand.

Be sure to head over to Super Duper's website to purchase this must-have game.  It is currently on sale for $38.97 which is an AMAZING deal!!!  AND because the people over at Super Duper are extremely generous (and AWESOME), one lucky winner will win their very own Social Skills Chipper Chat!!  Be sure to enter below!  Enjoy everyone!!

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