Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Apraxia Ville App Review

Apraxia Ville by Smarty Ears Review

I’d like to start by giving a HUGE thank you to the company Smarty Ears for giving me the opportunity to review one of their AMAZING apps.  Apraxia Ville is the newest app from Smarty Ears.  If you are an SLP working with students with apraxia and severe speech-sound disorders, this app is a must have.  There is a great video tutorial on the website!

This app has multiple levels, vowel and consonant targets, and the ability to create custom words.  Apraxia Ville provides video modeling of consonants and vowels, word targets by syllable structure (CV, VC & CVC), customization of targets, and data collection.

One of my favorite features of this app is being able to customize words and images.  Teachers/SLPs can import pictures that are relevant to the student such as classmates, teachers, family members, etc.  After images are added, the target words can be recorded and will be saved to the word list.

Awesome features of this app:

Single or multi-player use (up to 4 players)
Can re-visit the session if the student has used the app before
Multiple students can work on different targets during the same session
Three areas/levels: The Sounds Window (sound production), The Farm House (single word production), and The Words Farm (multiple word production).
Visual and verbal stimuli
Easy to read data
Results can be printed/e-mailed or uploaded to The Therapy Report Center
Homework pages

How to use this app:

First, you will add players and choose avatars to represent each one.  Next, depending on what your student or group of students are working on, you will choose one of the activities below.

The Sounds Window
This activity is perfect for students working on sounds and syllables.  I love that there are animations in each window for that instant visual feedback.  You can also listen to the sound by tapping on the child.  Another huge bonus is that students can access the iPad camera to monitor themselves. 

The Farm House
This can be used for students working at the single-syllable word level (CV, VC, and CVC).  You can choose by sound groups, vowels, and syllable structure.

The Words Farm
This is great for students that need to practice multi-syllabic words.  This activity is also customizable by the number of syllables, sound groups, and syllable structure.

Once the activity is finished, you can check out all of your students’ data/scores!  The data collection feature is amazing and can be used with multiple students at the same time.  You can switch between students by touching the avatar.  The data collected includes: date of practice, target phoneme, syllable structure level, percent accuracy and number of words attempted.  You can also see an overall percentage.  All the data can be seen in a graph which is perfect for easy monitoring. 

Finally, you can create homework pages for your students!  This is a huge bonus!  All you have to do is select the specific phoneme and syllable structure that you want your student or students to work on and TA DA…Homework pages!

Overall, I highly recommend this amazing app if you have students with apraxia.  The fun graphics and amazing features will not let you or your students down!  You can grab this app at the iTunesStore.  Be sure to head over to the SmartyEars website for more information on Apraxia Ville and to check out all of the other apps they have to offer.

Don’t miss out on the Better Hearing and Speech Sale over at Smarty Ears!!!  Apraxia ville is currently $19.99 (originally $24.99).  All of their apps will be on sale until 5/12/13!  

Hope you all enjoyed this review!!
Live Love Speech

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