Monday, May 6, 2013

May Crafts for Speech & Language by Teach Speech 365

I am happy to be guest posting for Kristine! May is one of my favorite months - spring-like weather and summer is just around the corner. I like to do crafts during my therapy sessions and try to have at least one planned each week to keep things interesting. Read on to see some of my ideas for May:

1. Candle craft: This could be a fun craft for Mother's Day. 
Step 1: Buy a little candle and some craft tape (I got some on clearance - you could also use ribbon, but you'll have to glue it on)
Step 2: Add craft tape in any design that you wish!



2. Frogs On The Lily Pad: I got these cute frog push pins (also on clearance) and thought it would a great reinforcer. If you have a bulletin board, you could cut out green "lily pads" and have your students put a frog on the lily pad every time they answer a question. See who has the most frogs at the end!

3. Giant Clothespins: 2 options! 
A) Decorate one for a Mother's Day gift.
B) Buy 3 different colors and label one with "Initial," one with "Medial," and one with "Final." Have your students use card decks with their sounds and decide where in the word their sound is!

4. Flower-y Fun: this could also be a Mother's Day gift or incorporated into therapy using target words, language concepts, etc.

And my favorite: 
5. Articulation Apron
This is more of a craft for you, though you could get little fabric bags and have your students make their own articulation bags. I used fabric markers to write a bunch of words all over the apron. This activity would be for students who can read - as they will be in a race to find words containing their sounds (and of course producing them correctly). For this apron, I did words containing "l, r, th, s" words. Your students will get a huge kick out of you wearing the apron. Give each student a copy of Speech/Language Stew (FREE) and target articulation and language goals! The student finds 10 words with their sound (or just 10 words - if they are language kids) and fills in the "recipe" for Speech/Language Stew. You can target sequencing, describing, retell, WH question, cooking vocabulary, etc. 

Hope you found some ideas that you like! Thanks again to Kristine for letting me guest post!

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