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Articulation Station Pro App Review & {GIVEAWAY for 3!!!!}

Articulation Station Pro by Little Bee Speech

I am so excited to share my review of Articulation Station Pro with you!  A huge thank you goes out to Little Bee Speech for giving me this opportunity.  I’ve only be using Articulation Station Pro for a few short weeks but I must say, this is a must have articulation app. I am an SLP in an elementary school and this app has made my sessions more enjoyable and exciting.  My students are constantly requesting Articulation Station. 

This app can be used on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.  It targets 22 speech sounds at the word, sentence and story levels.  The images in this app are REAL photographs which makes them extremely appealing to my students!  There are also 6 different activities including flashcards, matching, rotating sentences, unique sentences, level 1 stories, and level 2 stories.  There is a great tutorial on the homepage of this app which is extremely helpful.  

Getting started:
First thing you want to do is set up your student's profile (name, age, gender, and notes).  You can also add pictures to the profiles! One great feature on this app is that you have the ability to do a group session rather than just using it with one student only.

Once you have entered the names, its time to pick the speech sound or sounds and activity!    

Words: Flashcards or Matching

You will need to choose the sound position (initial, medial, final, and blends) in the flashcards and matching activities.  Once you have chosen, press begin.  

Under the words feature, you can choose from either flashcards or matching.  I find the flashcards great for drill practice.  My students never get tired of the awesome pictures!  You can also record them practicing the words for instant feedback. 

Pictured above is the matching activity.  I have my students take turns or play together as a group.  Each time  a student turns a card over, he/she practices the word.  Another great feature is the auditory feedback.  Students can listen to the word and also record themselves saying it.  They always get a kick out of hearing their own voices!  As seen on the right side, the green check is for correct responses and the red "x" is for incorrect responses.  This app keeps track of all data for each of your students which is so beneficial when it comes to tracking progress.

Unique or Rotating Sentences
 The rotating sentences include three or more target words per sentences with picture prompts.  My students love pressing the "spin" button to change the last word of the sentence.  Just like the words activity, you can track correct and incorrect responses as well as record.
Each unique sentence also includes three or more target words.  This activity is perfect for readers and great for sentence recall.  


 Level 1 features silly sentences loaded with target words.  The picture prompts are an added bonus.  After reading through the sentences, you will see three comprehension questions.
 Level 2 is for your more advanced readers.  Each story includes multiple target words and ends with comprehension questions.  Both levels are perfect for working on reading comprehension.
Under the settings option, you have the ability to add custom images, change scoring options, sort by syllables and more.

Lastly, you have the ability to save, print, and e-mail all data.  I hope you found this review helpful and useful.  Be sure to head over to Little Bee Speech's website for more information on Articulation Station Pro.  You can try this app for FREE (P sound only) or purchase the Pro version (ALL sounds) directly from the iTunes store.  

The people at Little Bee Speech are so generous that they have given me not ONE, not TWO, but THREE codes to giveaway for Articulation Station Pro!!!  Enter Below!!!  The winners will be chosen on Thursday May 16th!!!!

Hope you all enjoy!!
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