Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Auditory Processing Studio App {REVIEW}

Auditory Processing Studio App by Virtual Speech Center Inc. App {Review}

I'm not sure about all of you, but I have a TON of students on my caseload with various auditory processing goals and objectives.  So when the people at Virtual Speech Center gave me the opportunity to review their Auditory Processing App, I was beyond excited!   I found it to be perfect for students who have difficulty following directions, remembering what people said, have delayed responses, and difficulty listening in noisy environments.
This is a research-based app implements the bottom-top approach to treatment of auditory processing disorders.   The activities included with this app are: Auditory discrimination, auditory closure, and phonological awareness. One of the biggest struggles my students have is focusing when there is background noise present.  With this app, you have the ability to introduce background noise during any of the activities.

Getting Started
First things first, you want to add your students names.  Once they are entered, they will be saved for future use.
Next, you will choose activities from the list.  You can select individual activities and levels or you have the option to select all.
In each activity, when a student gets a correct answer, he/she earns an instrument which appears on the side of the screen.  After he/she gets five correct answers, the option to "play game" appears which means...time to play instruments in the studio!!  I love that this app has the fun, positive reinforcement built in (my students love it too!).  

Auditory Discrimination
There are 16 levels of difficulty with 50 trials each.   Like the other two activities, you have the ability to record and play back your student's responses by using the green and red buttons on the left side of the screen (as seen below). Some of the levels include:  Level 1: Same vs. different consonant minimal pairs-initial position of words; Level 5: Picture identification of minimal pairs-final consonants; and Level 10: Identifying presence of a specific syllable in a word.

Phonological Awareness
There are 16 levels of difficulty with 50 trials each.  I love how appealing the picture stimuli are in the activities.  Students will not only hear the choices but also see them on the screen.  You can also replay (using the button on the left side of the screen) the directions if needed.  Some levels include:  Level 3: Identify multiple words that rhyme with a target word; Level 9: Identify number of syllables in a word; and Level 16: Exchanging phonemes to make new words.

Auditory Closure
There are 17 levels of difficulty with 50 trials each.  Some activities will require the SLP/teacher to track correct and incorrect responses by using the green check and red X on the right side of the screen (as seen below).  Some levels include:  Level 7: Generating missing final syllables in single words; Level 11: Generating missing initial syllables in single words; and Level 16: Generating missing initial phonemes in words embedded in sentences.

You have the ability to track correct and incorrect responses in each activity.  Then, a session report can be generated with an overall percentage.  This is a great feature and really allows you to go back and see how much progress your students have made over time.  

Overall, I give this app an A+!   If you need an auditory processing app that tracks progress, gives instant feedback, and has TONS of activity options, this is DEFINITELY THE APP FOR YOU!!  Head over to Virtual Speech Center's website for more information and to check out the rest of their AMAZING speech and language apps.  You can also go directly to iTunes to download it now.

I hope you enjoyed this review and found it useful!!
Live Love Speech

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