Thursday, January 31, 2013

Easy and Fun Valentine's Day Booklet/Carryover Activities!

Happy Thursday everyone!!!  I wanted to share my quick, simple, and fun Valentine's Day booklet and carryover activities that I will be using in my speech room next week.  I came up with the ideas to use with my articulation students.  I'm not sure about all of you, but my caseload is 50% ESLS students.  I get very bored with the same board games and activities, so I am constantly trying to come up with new ideas! I will be posting many more pictures next week once I use the activities with my students.  So here we go....

Valentine's Day Articulation Booklet

Each student will get the worksheet with blank hearts, a piece of construction paper (color of his/her choice of course!), and a word/picture list (depending on which speech sound he/she is working on).  I have a lot of craft supplies in my room including markers, crayons, colored pencils, stickers, glitter pens, tissue paper, paint, and more!  
Students will write words from their own articulation lists onto the blank hearts.  They can then color in all the hearts and be creative as they would like!  Next, they will cut out all of the hearts and glue them onto the front, inside, and/or back of their booklet.  As you can see in the picture above, I just labeled my sample booklet as "My Valentine's Speech Booklet".  I will have my students write their names and add their speech goal as well to the front of the booklet.

The best part about this Valentine's Day booklet is it can be taken home to use as practice/homework!  SLPs know how important it is for students to practice, practice, practice!!  

Hope you all enjoy this post and cute idea!  I will be posting more pictures and updates next week once my students make their booklets!


  1. Love it! Super cute PLUS a great carry-over activity to the home! Thanks

  2. What book do you have open on your table...always looking for new resources.

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