Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Review of Sock Monkey Articulation by Busy Bee Speech

Review of Sock Monkey Articulation created by Busy Bee Speech

I had the opportunity to review this AMAZING Valentine’s Day articulation packet!!    This 42-page activity targets articulation skills using the cutest Valentine sock monkey theme! There are visuals for each card as well!  You can grab this activity here!!  Also, be sure to head over to Busy Bee Speech’s blog and check out the review of my activity, WinterArticulation /r, s, l/.

Here is what you receive in this packet:

An adorable sock monkey themed game board, 24 heart number cards, 24 monkey face activity cards,
and 24 articulation cards for s, r, l, k, f, sh, ch, and th. That’s 192 cards total!!!!

To play: On each turn, draw a heart card and move across the game board the indicated number of spaces. Choose an artic card and say the word. Optional: Choose a monkey card to say the word in different ways.

Here is how to play:

Students take turns choosing articulation cards and practice saying the word.  Another option is to choose a monkey card which specifies other ways to practice saying the word.  Then, students draw a heart card numbered 1, 2, or 3, and move across the game board according to the number they choose.  The first student to land on finish is the winner!

How I used this activity:

I decided to use this activity with a few different groups of students in order to try various articulation goals.  I mostly used the articulation cards focusing on s, r, l, and th.  Many of my students love game boards and were especially excited that this activity was a monkey AND Valentine’s Day theme!  My students took turns choosing an articulation card.  I had each of them practice the word and put them in sentences.  The visuals were a HUGE help for my younger students and non-readers.  For my students that were closer to mastery, I used the monkey cards! These cards include directions like, “say your word 5 times” and “say your word in a silly voice”.  This was a huge success and made things so much fun for my students!  Most of my students love a challenge which makes the game board so exciting!   

This is a must have packet that targets so many articulation goals.  It can also be adapted to work for various grade levels!  Your students will absolutely love the adorable sock monkey graphics!

Here is all the information you need to check out Busy Bee Speech and her activities:


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Be sure to head over to her blog, facebook page, and TPT store to show support.  I highly suggest getting this activity for your students with articulation goals! 

Head over to her blog to see a review of my activity, Winter Articulation /r, s, l/!!

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