Monday, January 14, 2013

{NEW} Activity: Skiing into vocabulary

Hey everyone!!!  Here is my newest activity...Skiing into VOCABULARY! This activity targets upper elementary and middle school aged students.  Head over to my TPT store to grab this activity!!!

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Print, laminate, and cut all cards.
80 Cards: Scrambled words with definitions
The first letter of each scrambled word is underlined.
Answer Keys

How to play:
Shuffle and divide cards evenly to students.  Students will keep cards in a pile face down in front of them.  Students take turns choosing their top card from the pile and unscramble the word shown on their card one at a time.  After all students in the group have unscrambled their words, everyone discards their cards into the center of the table at the same time.  When two discarded cards match, the first student to call out the word “match” or the word of the match shown like, “tree, gloves, skis, etc.”, gets the entire pile. The student with the most cards wins!

Alternative for younger students:
Place answer keys in direct view of group or give each student their own set of answer keys to assist them with unscrambling the words. (Like a word bank!)

I hope you all enjoy!!!

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