Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Review of Valentine’s Day Pragmatics created by The Speech Bubble

Review of Valentine’s Day Pragmatics created by The Speech Bubble

I had the opportunity to review this AMAZING Valentine’s Day Pragmatic Packet!! This 64 card activity targets many social skills using the cutest Valentine graphics! You can grab this activity here!! Also, be sure to head over to The Speech Bubble’s blog and check out her review of my activity, Skiing Vocabulary.

Here is what you receive in this packet:

Three activities to work on social skills including:

How Sweet It Is: (24 activity cards, 8 wild cards) Expected and unexpected behaviors. Students read the situation and determine if the behavior is appropriate (expected) or inappropriate (unexpected) for the situation and place card on appropriate side of included mat.

I'm Stuck on You: (24 activity cards, 8 wild cards) This activity works on flexible thinking/problem solving. Students read the situation on the card and create a reasonable solution. 

You're the Apple of My Eye: (16 activity cards, 8 wild cards) This activity works on perspective taking. Students read the situation on the card and determine how other students may view the situation.

There are a total of 64 cards!

Goals this activity focuses on:
This is a great game for students working on answering questions, critical thinking, problem solving, reading comprehension, social skills, and listening skills.

How my students played each activity:

How sweet it is:  I used this activity with one of my 3rd grade groups.  My students took turns flipping over a card and reading the situation and behavior (i.e.  “You are talking while the teacher is giving directions for a game.”).  Then, he/she needed to decide if the behavior stated on the card was appropriate (expected) or inappropriate (unexpected) and place it in the correct column on the mat.  My students really enjoyed this activity and it also sparked many conversations about appropriate/inappropriate behaviors.

I’m stuck on you:  This adorable activity was used with a 3rd and 4th grade group.  Students took turns choosing and reading cards which included various situations (i.e. “You are passing out your Valentine’s cards and forgot one for your friend.  What will you do?”  Each student needed to come up with a possible solution to the situation.  For my older students, I had them come up with more than 1 solution which added a challenge!  They really enjoyed choosing a wild card which states “Surprise! Someone sent you a Valentine’s Note. Go again!”  The student who ended up with the most cards was the winner!

You’re the apple of my eye:  This was personally my favorite activity of them all!  I have many students who need work on perspective taking so I used it with a bunch of my groups.  Students took turns choosing cards and reading the social situation (i.e. “A girl doesn’t like the card she got and throws it away.  What will people think?”)    When answered correctly, the student got to keep the card.  If a wild card was chosen (“you got an extra candy for being so sweet. Go again.”), the student got an extra turn.  The student with the most cards was the winner!  My students really enjoyed this activity!!

This is a must have packet that targets so many social skills goals. Your students will love using it for Valentine’s Day.

Here is all the information you need to check out The Speech Bubble and her activities:

Blog: http://thespeechbubbleslp.blogspot.com/

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/TheSpeechBubbleslp?fref=ts

TPT store: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/The-Speech-Bubble

Be sure to head over to her blog, facebook page, and TPT store to show support.

Head over to her blog to see a review of my activity, Skiing Vocabulary!!
You can grab Skiing into Vocabulary here!

Thanks everyone for checking out my blog!!!

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