Friday, January 4, 2013

Magically Predicting!!

How many students do you have that are working on making predictions?!  I know personally, I have so many students working on this goal!  I use various games and activities to work on predictions but wanted to make another activity to add to the repertoire.  Here it is....

This activity has been created to target making predictions and reading comprehension.
It includes.....
A poster of how to improve reading comprehension and make predictions; Game board; 36 cards focusing on making predictions with point values; 24 cards focusing on making predictions with choices; and 6 “wild” cards.  A total of 66 cards are included!!!!

To Play:

CARD SET 1: Students take turns choosing and reading cards to each other. For younger students, the SLP will read the chosen cards. If they make an appropriate prediction, they move the number of spaces according to the number on the card. If chosen, follow the directions on the included wild cards. The first student to the “magic show” is the winner! 

CARD SET 2: The SLP reads the card to the entire group or an individual student. When a student chooses the correct prediction, he/she rolls a dice (any dice will do!) and moves the appropriate number of spaces. The first student to the “magic show” is the winner. Feel free to include the wild cards for an added challenge!

I hope you and your students enjoy this activity!!! 

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