Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Mad Scientists Inferences!

I hope you all had an awesome NYE last night!  I know mine was!  I wanted to get this activity up and running before the BIG TPT SALE which starts at midnight tonight.  I am so excited about this one and I hope you are too.  Head over to my TPT store to add this to your wishlist for the BIG SALE!  Here it is....


How to Infer poster/Information page; Inference Graphic Organizers with instructions; Game board; 32 cards: Cause/Effect Inferences; 48 cards: Social scenarios with inference questions; and 8 “toxic” cards.

 I have given you THREE different ways to PLAY this activity:

Option 1:  Students take turns choosing and reading cards to each other. For younger students, the SLP will read the chosen cards. If they make an appropriate inference, they roll a dice (any dice will do!) and move the appropriate number of spaces.  If a toxic card is chosen, students lose a turn.  The first student to the mad scientist is the winner. Option 2: The SLP reads the card to the entire group.  Students use the included graphic organizers to write down clues, questions, and guesses.  After each card, students can take turns rolling a dice and moving on the board. Option 3:  Students take turns choosing cards.  Once an appropriate inference is made, the student keeps that card.  Watch out for the toxic cards!  If one is chosen, all cards must go back!

I hope you all enjoy this activity!!!  Don't forget to head over to my TPT to add this one to your wishlist!! Thanks again!