Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am getting ready for BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Share this post to everyone you know....I am going to give away a download of your choice to FIVE FANS once this page reaches 300 FANS!!! Promote and share for one of your fellow SLPs!!!!! ALL of my downloads are currently on sale for 10% off as well for the next TWO DAYS!!! Go check out my TPT page and get ready to choose a download...READY...GO!

Do you have students working on /R, S, L/ sounds?  How about students who read at different levels?????  Then you NEED my newest download.  I am offering ARTICULATION cards for 1, 2, and 3 syllable words (for our students at various reading levels).  That is 48 cards EACH in the initial and final position of words for /R, S, L/!!!!  There are 288 CARDS IN TOTAL!!!!!

Would you love to win this download???!?!  Share, post, and blog about this activity and YOU COULD WIN!!!!!

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