Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My FAVORITE Things!!

I’m excited to share a bunch of my favorite things to use in the speech room.  All the information included in this post is 100% my opinion.  No company, author, or website has asked me to provide details of the following.  Please feel free to share your favorite games, activities, materials, etc. that you use!!  Disclosure: This post contains amazon affiliates links. 

  1. Two of my Favorite Resource Books for SLPs
·         Eliciting Sounds (Techniques and strategies for clinicians) 2nd edition By: Wayne A. Secord, Suzanne E. Boyce, JoAnn S. Donahue,
Robert A. Fox, and Richard E. Shine

This handy “go-to” book includes extensive information on consonant sounds such as place/manner/voicing features, common errors, placement techniques, and more!  It also gives an overview of the articulatory characteristics of vowels and diphthongs.

·         Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology: A Resource Manual [Spiral-bound] 4th edition By: Kenneth Shipley

I love this manual!!!         

It was a requirement in one of my graduate classes and now is on the shelf in my speech room.  It includes a wide range of procedures and materials for obtaining, interpreting, and reporting assessment data.  One of the best parts is the manual now comes with a CD which contains pages for case history, different areas of assessment, and more! 


·         I am totally obsessed with my newest find…Scotch Thermal Laminator!  I’m sure most of you have laminators in your school/office (which I do as well) however; this just makes my life so much easier to have one for home.  I just print off whatever activity/game I want and feed it through page by page.  The next day at work, it is all set to go!  I found mine for just around $30 and it works so well!!!

3.      Top five games my students are currently enjoy the most

·         Dr. Suess What’s in the Cat’s Hat? Game by Wonder Forge®

o       This game is great for sensory skills, memory and deductive reasoning, answering questions, and more!

·         Apples to Apples Jr. by Mattel®

o       This card game can be used for expanding vocabulary and thinking skills.

·         Jenga by Hasbro®

o       This game can be used so many different ways.  I have a targeted, “wh” questions, articulation, categories, definitions, and more!  Each time the student pulls a piece, an answer is given.  To make it even more interesting, you could write directly on the blocks.  I haven’t done this because I like to use it a bunch of different ways.

·         Kerplunk by Mattel®

o       I use this game the same way as the game above.  My students love pulling the sticks and trying not to let the marbles drop!

·         Hedbanz by Spin Master Games®

o       This game is perfect for deductive reasoning skills!  Each student wears one of the “headbanz” on his/her head.  The teacher or SLP places one of the many cards on the headband so that the student can not see his/her own card.  The group takes turn asking and answering questions until each student has guessed his/her own card.  There is also a timer included to make things more interesting and challenging.

Again, I have no affiliation with the makers of any of the above games.  The opinions and descriptions are 100% mine.

4.      Inexpensive Games and Materials

·         As I’m sure almost all of you know, Pinterest is an amazing website providing so many activities, materials, and ideas that you can create yourself!  I will link my Pinterest page over on the side of this blog!  Go check out my Speech Therapy Ideas board.

·         TeachersPayTeachers is another wonderful website where teachers and SLPs can post materials, lessons, and activities that they have created!  I have just started making my own games and I am obsessed!  It does take up some time and you need to be creative but what a great way to share CHEAP materials!!!  Click on the link on my blog to head over to my store and see what you can grab!!  Jenna at Speech Room News has just added a new post to her blog regarding all the information you need for TeachersPayTeachers.  She has also included a list of over 50 sellers (My TPT account is on there)!!!  Thank you so much SRN!  Here is the link to her post…


·         Here are a few other ways to get discounts…

o       Look for SuperDuperInc’s “overstock” games/activities.  They can sometimes be up to 50% off.

o       How many of you visit your local craft stores like Michaels or ACMoore to pick up prizes, materials, and more for your students.  You can get 15% off using your teacher ID!

Hope you all find this information useful and informative.  Please leave me comments or questions regarding any of the above.  Finally, I have a question for all of you…What APPS do you find the most useful and why???  Post responses here or on my Facebook page.

Don’t forget to also go visit my TPT and check out my latest Christmas Monster Activity!!!

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Kristine @ Live Love Speech

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