Sunday, November 25, 2012

Winter Inferences and Upcoming Post!!

Here is my latest activity which will be ON SALE TOMORROW AND TUESDAY!!  This activity pack focuses on Idioms, Making Predictions, and Cause/Effect.  I hope this covers all your needs for inferring activities.

Each activity set includes 36 cards and targets one of the above inference areas. There are also 12 crazy penguin cards. That’s 120 cards total!!! 
1. Idioms
Each card in this set has a sentence which includes a familiar idiom. There are three choices (A, B, or C). The student needs to choose the correct answer that explains what the idiom means. 

2. Making Predictions (What will happen next?)
Each card in this set has a short scenario. The student will need to “predict” what will happen next. CHALLENGE: Ask your students to explain HOW they came up with their prediction.

3. Cause/Effect
Each card in this set has a “Cause” statement that needs to be explained with the “Effect”. For example, Mom said not to touch the stove. Why? The student will need to answer “why” for each scenario. 

Watch out for the crazy penguin who takes all of your cards!!!

Check out my store to learn more about this activity and everything else I am offering.  Please follow this blog and FACEBOOK page as well @

I will be making a POST regarding promoting blogs, TPT accounts, facebook pages, etc.  I have already gotten so much feedback from fellow bloggers, SLPs, etc.  This is very exciting and hopefully will be extremely useful to all new bloggers (and even established bloggers!).

Hope you all had an amazing holiday/break.  Thank you always for the support, comments, and feedback!!!

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