Monday, November 12, 2012

Creating and Organizing a Friendly Speech Room

I believe that if you have an organized speech room with fun and interesting decorations, posters, etc. that therapy and the day goes by much more smoothly!  Do you agree?  I wanted to share some of the organization ideas as well as a few cute decorations I have in my speech room.  So here we go….

First off, I have a pretty small office therefore I need to keep it very organized or it ends up looking like a big mess! 

I have two bookcases filled with various games, articulation cards, fun decks from Super Duper Inc., etc.  On the top of both of the bookcases are my “craft supplies” including crayons, markers, construction paper, glue sticks, glitter, etc.  My students enjoy taking breaks from playing games and use their creative sides!  All the supplies are organized in small baskets and very accessible to my students.

On the other wall of my office I have a bookcase and two filing cabinets.  The top shelf of the bookcase holds all of my articulation activity books as well as articulation resources.  The shelf below that is where I keep all of my language, fluency, and voice books.  They are divided up by specific area (i.e. grammar, vocabulary, pragmatics).  The bottom shelf has my favorite children’s books as well as more resource textbooks.

As far as making my speech room look “decorated” and bring some color into it, I have various posters, colorful baskets, and more!

I have some of these “free” subway art posters hanging in my speech room.  I love how they have all the speech terms we frequently use!  I laminated mine and attached them to pretty scrapbook paper.  They came out super cute!

Leave me some comments and let me know how you organize and decorate your speech room!! 

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