Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Super Owl Riddles Activity!

I am so excited to introduce my second speech/language activity!  I feel as though it can be used all year round and is appropriate for elementary school students.  I have started using imagery for many of my students (i.e. "Close your eyes and picture sitting in your kitchen. What are some appliances that may be hot and which are not?")  I really hope you find my newest activity useful and that your students enjoy!

It targets the essential academic skills of problem solving and drawing conclusions (inferences).  It includes two levels. The first set of cards are basic riddles (objects, food, animals, etc.). The second set of cards are more advanced and include a challenge question.

Encourage your students to use imagery, combine information, and come up with an answer.

This activity packet also includes "double" super owl cards which entitle the student(s) to a free turn!

Please leave me feedback, comments, etc.  I am so excited to have started this journey!!!

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