Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Auditory Discrimination

Hey everyone!! I hope you were all super successful during the TPT sale and were able to grab some great activities!  I know I did! My students were so excited to be introduced to two new games today. 

My latest activity includes 144 CARDS TOTAL and targets THREE different areas of Auditory Discrimination....

Rhyming Words: This activity includes 48 cards. Students will name a rhyming word for the given word on each card. Challenge your students to name as many rhyming words as possible instead of just one. You can even keep score and see who ends up with the most points! 

Same or Different: The student must determine if the beginning or end sound of the word is the same or different. This activity includes 48 cards. There are 24 cards asking “which sounds are the same” and 24 cards asking “which sounds are different.”

That Doesn’t Make Sense!: There are 40 cards in this activity. The student must read or listen to the sentence and determine which word doesn’t make sense. He/she must then replace the incorrect word with the correct rhyming word.

I have also included 8 "Snow Day" cards which entitle the student to a free turn! There are 144 cards TOTAL!

Hope you all enjoy!!! Please leave feedback!
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