Monday, November 26, 2012

Glistening Winter Vocabulary!!

Wow!! I am overwhelmed with how many people have downloaded my activities on TPT!!!  I can not express how sincerely grateful I am!!  All of your comments, support, and inspiration have made the beginning of my journey amazing.  I am still doing a GIVEAWAY FOR FIVE FOLLOWERS once I reach 300 likes on my Facebook page (Live Love Speech).  Finally, I am currently compiling a list of ideas for fellow SLPs, teachers, bloggers, etc. on how to promote your own page, store, and website.  I have already received such amazing ideas and I can't wait to share!!!

Here is my latest activity for all of my amazing followers....

GLISTENING WINTER VOCABULARY which targets associations and categories.  Here is what is included...

Colorful Gifts:  There are 48 cards included in this activity.  A place, item, event or location is listed above the “gift box”.  “Inside” the box is a list of five words.  The student must decide which words go with the category.

Bright Trees:  A letter of the alphabet is listed on each tree.  Beneath the letter is a category.  The student must name items that are in that category AND begin with the given letter.  This activity includes 24 cards.

Sparkling Snowflakes:  There are 36 cards included in this activity.  Each snowflake includes four words.  Students need to figure out what category the words are related to. 

I have also included 12 trees that lost their beautiful colors!  Students must put back all of their cards if a “colorless” card is chosen!

The entire download includes 120 cards!!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!!  Please feel free to leave me feedback!!!!
Live Love Speech

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  1. Hi! I'm your newest follower! Your blog is great- and your activities are very useful. I'm glad to have found you!
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