Friday, November 30, 2012

20% off all my TPT activities!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!!!

Tonight I am so thankful for all the amazing positive feedback I have received!!! I will keep my 20% sale going until tomorrow!!!! Please share the great news!!!

Don't forget...once my Facebook page reaches 300 (we are sooooo close!!!!) I will be choosing 5 lucky fans to win a download of their choice!!!!! I can't thank you all enough!!!!

My Pinterest page is now linked with this blog.  I have around 280 pins on my Speech Therapy Ideas board from so many amazing SLPs!!!!

Here is what is coming up with Live Love Speech....

Jeopardy style game focusing on Asking questions, comprehension, and social language.  I am also working on another Christmas freebie.  Keep your eyes out =)

If you haven't already downloaded my Jolly Bingo and Winter Articulation FREEBIES, please go check them out!!!  Here is all the information you need!!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Jolly "Bingo" FREEBIE!!

Here is my latest FREEBIE!!!!  I hope you and your students enjoy it for the upcoming holiday!!!!

This activity includes four Jolly Bingo Boards with “answers” in various positions and a set of cards for the teacher/SLP to read to the students targeting Fill in the Blank sentences.
Getting Ready:  Print all boards on cardstock make additional copies if you have more than four students in a group. Your students can cover their spaces with bingo chips, candy, or whatever you choose!
To Play:  Use the included Fill in the Blank cards or try the following varieties: Describing Attributes, Associations, and/or Riddles.  The first player to call JOLLY wins!!

Please leave me feedback!! Enjoy!! 
Live Love Speech

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Winter Auditory Discrimination

Hey everyone!! I hope you were all super successful during the TPT sale and were able to grab some great activities!  I know I did! My students were so excited to be introduced to two new games today. 

My latest activity includes 144 CARDS TOTAL and targets THREE different areas of Auditory Discrimination....

Rhyming Words: This activity includes 48 cards. Students will name a rhyming word for the given word on each card. Challenge your students to name as many rhyming words as possible instead of just one. You can even keep score and see who ends up with the most points! 

Same or Different: The student must determine if the beginning or end sound of the word is the same or different. This activity includes 48 cards. There are 24 cards asking “which sounds are the same” and 24 cards asking “which sounds are different.”

That Doesn’t Make Sense!: There are 40 cards in this activity. The student must read or listen to the sentence and determine which word doesn’t make sense. He/she must then replace the incorrect word with the correct rhyming word.

I have also included 8 "Snow Day" cards which entitle the student to a free turn! There are 144 cards TOTAL!

Hope you all enjoy!!! Please leave feedback!
Live Love Speech

Monday, November 26, 2012

Glistening Winter Vocabulary!!

Wow!! I am overwhelmed with how many people have downloaded my activities on TPT!!!  I can not express how sincerely grateful I am!!  All of your comments, support, and inspiration have made the beginning of my journey amazing.  I am still doing a GIVEAWAY FOR FIVE FOLLOWERS once I reach 300 likes on my Facebook page (Live Love Speech).  Finally, I am currently compiling a list of ideas for fellow SLPs, teachers, bloggers, etc. on how to promote your own page, store, and website.  I have already received such amazing ideas and I can't wait to share!!!

Here is my latest activity for all of my amazing followers....

GLISTENING WINTER VOCABULARY which targets associations and categories.  Here is what is included...

Colorful Gifts:  There are 48 cards included in this activity.  A place, item, event or location is listed above the “gift box”.  “Inside” the box is a list of five words.  The student must decide which words go with the category.

Bright Trees:  A letter of the alphabet is listed on each tree.  Beneath the letter is a category.  The student must name items that are in that category AND begin with the given letter.  This activity includes 24 cards.

Sparkling Snowflakes:  There are 36 cards included in this activity.  Each snowflake includes four words.  Students need to figure out what category the words are related to. 

I have also included 12 trees that lost their beautiful colors!  Students must put back all of their cards if a “colorless” card is chosen!

The entire download includes 120 cards!!!!

Hope you enjoy!!!!  Please feel free to leave me feedback!!!!
Live Love Speech

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Articulation FREEBIE!!

The cards target voiceless and voiced TH in the initial, medial, and final positions of words. I have included one, two, and three syllable words for the various reading levels of students!!

There are 88 CARDS TOTAL!!!!!!!!

To Play: Students take turns choosing cards and practicing the words or putting them in sentences. Make two copies of your targeted sounds and play “Go Fish” or “Memory”. All cards go back if a student chooses the “freezing” penguin who lost his hat!

Please leave feedback if you download this freebie!!!!  Also, check out my other Winter Articulation activity featuring /R, S, L/ words!!!

Winter Inferences and Upcoming Post!!

Here is my latest activity which will be ON SALE TOMORROW AND TUESDAY!!  This activity pack focuses on Idioms, Making Predictions, and Cause/Effect.  I hope this covers all your needs for inferring activities.

Each activity set includes 36 cards and targets one of the above inference areas. There are also 12 crazy penguin cards. That’s 120 cards total!!! 
1. Idioms
Each card in this set has a sentence which includes a familiar idiom. There are three choices (A, B, or C). The student needs to choose the correct answer that explains what the idiom means. 

2. Making Predictions (What will happen next?)
Each card in this set has a short scenario. The student will need to “predict” what will happen next. CHALLENGE: Ask your students to explain HOW they came up with their prediction.

3. Cause/Effect
Each card in this set has a “Cause” statement that needs to be explained with the “Effect”. For example, Mom said not to touch the stove. Why? The student will need to answer “why” for each scenario. 

Watch out for the crazy penguin who takes all of your cards!!!

Check out my store to learn more about this activity and everything else I am offering.  Please follow this blog and FACEBOOK page as well @

I will be making a POST regarding promoting blogs, TPT accounts, facebook pages, etc.  I have already gotten so much feedback from fellow bloggers, SLPs, etc.  This is very exciting and hopefully will be extremely useful to all new bloggers (and even established bloggers!).

Hope you all had an amazing holiday/break.  Thank you always for the support, comments, and feedback!!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012


I am getting ready for BLACK FRIDAY!!!! Share this post to everyone you know....I am going to give away a download of your choice to FIVE FANS once this page reaches 300 FANS!!! Promote and share for one of your fellow SLPs!!!!! ALL of my downloads are currently on sale for 10% off as well for the next TWO DAYS!!! Go check out my TPT page and get ready to choose a download...READY...GO!

Do you have students working on /R, S, L/ sounds?  How about students who read at different levels?????  Then you NEED my newest download.  I am offering ARTICULATION cards for 1, 2, and 3 syllable words (for our students at various reading levels).  That is 48 cards EACH in the initial and final position of words for /R, S, L/!!!!  There are 288 CARDS IN TOTAL!!!!!

Would you love to win this download???!?!  Share, post, and blog about this activity and YOU COULD WIN!!!!!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

TPT Discount and NEW ACTIVITY!!!

This activity includes cards targeting R, S, L Words. Each set of cards includes one, two, and three syllable words. I have included different syllable words for the various reading levels of your students. 

Each set of words (R, S, L) include a title page. There are 48 cards each in the initial and final position of words. There are 96 cards for each set. THERE ARE 288 CARDS in this packet PLUS 16 "freezing" penguins!

To Play: Students take turns choosing cards and practicing the words or putting them in sentences. Make two copies of your targeted sounds and play “Go Fish” or “Memory”. All cards go back if a student chooses the “freezing” penguin who lost his hat!

Thank you all so much for your support!! I hope you enjoy this download!!! Please leave feedback!!



Tuesday, November 20, 2012

My FAVORITE Things!!

I’m excited to share a bunch of my favorite things to use in the speech room.  All the information included in this post is 100% my opinion.  No company, author, or website has asked me to provide details of the following.  Please feel free to share your favorite games, activities, materials, etc. that you use!!  Disclosure: This post contains amazon affiliates links. 

  1. Two of my Favorite Resource Books for SLPs
·         Eliciting Sounds (Techniques and strategies for clinicians) 2nd edition By: Wayne A. Secord, Suzanne E. Boyce, JoAnn S. Donahue,
Robert A. Fox, and Richard E. Shine

This handy “go-to” book includes extensive information on consonant sounds such as place/manner/voicing features, common errors, placement techniques, and more!  It also gives an overview of the articulatory characteristics of vowels and diphthongs.

·         Assessment in Speech-Language Pathology: A Resource Manual [Spiral-bound] 4th edition By: Kenneth Shipley

I love this manual!!!         

It was a requirement in one of my graduate classes and now is on the shelf in my speech room.  It includes a wide range of procedures and materials for obtaining, interpreting, and reporting assessment data.  One of the best parts is the manual now comes with a CD which contains pages for case history, different areas of assessment, and more! 


·         I am totally obsessed with my newest find…Scotch Thermal Laminator!  I’m sure most of you have laminators in your school/office (which I do as well) however; this just makes my life so much easier to have one for home.  I just print off whatever activity/game I want and feed it through page by page.  The next day at work, it is all set to go!  I found mine for just around $30 and it works so well!!!

3.      Top five games my students are currently enjoy the most

·         Dr. Suess What’s in the Cat’s Hat? Game by Wonder Forge®

o       This game is great for sensory skills, memory and deductive reasoning, answering questions, and more!

·         Apples to Apples Jr. by Mattel®

o       This card game can be used for expanding vocabulary and thinking skills.

·         Jenga by Hasbro®

o       This game can be used so many different ways.  I have a targeted, “wh” questions, articulation, categories, definitions, and more!  Each time the student pulls a piece, an answer is given.  To make it even more interesting, you could write directly on the blocks.  I haven’t done this because I like to use it a bunch of different ways.

·         Kerplunk by Mattel®

o       I use this game the same way as the game above.  My students love pulling the sticks and trying not to let the marbles drop!

·         Hedbanz by Spin Master Games®

o       This game is perfect for deductive reasoning skills!  Each student wears one of the “headbanz” on his/her head.  The teacher or SLP places one of the many cards on the headband so that the student can not see his/her own card.  The group takes turn asking and answering questions until each student has guessed his/her own card.  There is also a timer included to make things more interesting and challenging.

Again, I have no affiliation with the makers of any of the above games.  The opinions and descriptions are 100% mine.

4.      Inexpensive Games and Materials

·         As I’m sure almost all of you know, Pinterest is an amazing website providing so many activities, materials, and ideas that you can create yourself!  I will link my Pinterest page over on the side of this blog!  Go check out my Speech Therapy Ideas board.

·         TeachersPayTeachers is another wonderful website where teachers and SLPs can post materials, lessons, and activities that they have created!  I have just started making my own games and I am obsessed!  It does take up some time and you need to be creative but what a great way to share CHEAP materials!!!  Click on the link on my blog to head over to my store and see what you can grab!!  Jenna at Speech Room News has just added a new post to her blog regarding all the information you need for TeachersPayTeachers.  She has also included a list of over 50 sellers (My TPT account is on there)!!!  Thank you so much SRN!  Here is the link to her post…

·         Here are a few other ways to get discounts…

o       Look for SuperDuperInc’s “overstock” games/activities.  They can sometimes be up to 50% off.

o       How many of you visit your local craft stores like Michaels or ACMoore to pick up prizes, materials, and more for your students.  You can get 15% off using your teacher ID!

Hope you all find this information useful and informative.  Please leave me comments or questions regarding any of the above.  Finally, I have a question for all of you…What APPS do you find the most useful and why???  Post responses here or on my Facebook page.

Don’t forget to also go visit my TPT and check out my latest Christmas Monster Activity!!!

Thanks so much everyone!!!

Kristine @ Live Love Speech

Monday, November 19, 2012

Monster Christmas Semantic Activity!

I am super excited about my newest activity pack!!!  I just love the Christmas monster graphics from  The best part about this activity is that it targets FOUR different semantic areas including:  Similarities/Differences, Associations, Exclusions, and Functions.

Each activity set includes 36 cards and targets one of the above semantic areas. Watch out for the sneaky monster who takes all of your cards! There are 160 cards total in this set!!!

Each card in this set lists two words. The student must explain how they are the same and how they differ.

The cards in this set each have four words. The student must identify the category or what the words have in common.

Students must answer the question and decide which item does not belong.

Object Use/ Functions
The cards in this set include an open-ended statement. The students need to complete the statement by answering what the item is used for.

Please leave me feedback and let me know what you think once you download this activity on TPT.  Spread the word by liking my Facebook page, following my blog, and downloading my activities on TPT.  Look out for my GIVEAWAYS this holiday season!!!!


Thank you all again for all your support!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Super Owl Riddles GIVEAWAY!

Hey everyone...Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend!  I have been working on some Christmas/Winter activities which I hope to have posted very soon.  Please leave me a comment here or on my Facebook telling me what you would like my next few activities to be (i.e. Articulation, Grammar, Listening, Vocabulary, etc.).

Head over to my Facebook page (see link below) for a chance to win my Super Owl Riddles!  Once the page reaches 200 LIKES, I will randomly choose two people to get the Super Owl Riddles activity.  Spread the word to everyone you know!!  So excited with how many people are already downloading my freebies, fans on facebook, and leaving me feedback!  Much more to come!!!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Winter FREEBIE!!!

I hope you all enjoy my latest WINTER FREEBIE!!  It focuses on who, what, where, when, and why questions.  You can either use the cards during any activity/game or simply use the cards as a game themselves!!  I have included "free turn" cards which should get your students even more excited.  Thank you for all the support.  Please go click the link for my teacherspayteachers page and download this activity.  I have one favor to ask...if you download the activity, please please please leave me FEEDBACK!  I would love to know the goals, objectives, activities, etc. that you all need activities for!  I hope to make so many more activities/games that are useful to all of you!  Here is a preview of my WINTER FREEBIE!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Thanksgiving Language Game in the Speech Room

I hope everyone is enjoying my blog and activities so far.  I am having a great time creating activities/games, blog posts, etc.  Today with some of my groups, we played my Thanksgiving Language Game!  Remember, you can grab this FREEBIE over at my teacherspayteachers page!  Please leave me some feedback and comment here what your students thought of the game!  My students LOVED the game today.  Most of the reactions I got went something like this..."Wow!  You made this game for us!  This is so awesome!"  We focused mainly on the listening for details cards.  They took turns reading cards to each other which was really exciting.  Each of them felt like they had the chance to play "teacher".  The "gobble, gobble" cards were a huge hit as well!  After we finished the game a student said, "Miss Lamb, can you make us more games like this for Christmas, Valentine's Day, and all the other holidays?"  I thought it was so sweet and of course I said Yes!  I hope your students have had or will have the same reactions!!

Remember to go "like" Live Love Speech on facebook, leave feedback and follow me on teacherspayteachers (you can click the link from this blog), and comment on my blog!  Please spread the word about my new venture and ask them to follow as well!!  I appreciate it!!

Super Owl Riddles Activity!

I am so excited to introduce my second speech/language activity!  I feel as though it can be used all year round and is appropriate for elementary school students.  I have started using imagery for many of my students (i.e. "Close your eyes and picture sitting in your kitchen. What are some appliances that may be hot and which are not?")  I really hope you find my newest activity useful and that your students enjoy!

It targets the essential academic skills of problem solving and drawing conclusions (inferences).  It includes two levels. The first set of cards are basic riddles (objects, food, animals, etc.). The second set of cards are more advanced and include a challenge question.

Encourage your students to use imagery, combine information, and come up with an answer.

This activity packet also includes "double" super owl cards which entitle the student(s) to a free turn!

Please leave me feedback, comments, etc.  I am so excited to have started this journey!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

My First TPT Activity!!!!

I am beyond excited to be posting my first FREE TPT activity.  It is a Thanksgiving themed activity targeting Auditory Memory and Listening Comprehension. 

There are 12 pages in total.
 The Auditory Memory cards are targeted at the word level (4 words to repeat in order) and sentence level (approx. 5-7 words long). All cards in this activity pack are "Thanksgiving" based. 

The Listening Comprehension cards are targeting listening for details (extremely important for our students with auditory memory and listening skills goals).

Watch out for the sneaky turkey who "gobbles" all of your cards and must go back!

You can click on the "Teachers Pay Teachers" link right here on my blog to go grab the activity.

Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, November 12, 2012

Creating and Organizing a Friendly Speech Room

I believe that if you have an organized speech room with fun and interesting decorations, posters, etc. that therapy and the day goes by much more smoothly!  Do you agree?  I wanted to share some of the organization ideas as well as a few cute decorations I have in my speech room.  So here we go….

First off, I have a pretty small office therefore I need to keep it very organized or it ends up looking like a big mess! 

I have two bookcases filled with various games, articulation cards, fun decks from Super Duper Inc., etc.  On the top of both of the bookcases are my “craft supplies” including crayons, markers, construction paper, glue sticks, glitter, etc.  My students enjoy taking breaks from playing games and use their creative sides!  All the supplies are organized in small baskets and very accessible to my students.

On the other wall of my office I have a bookcase and two filing cabinets.  The top shelf of the bookcase holds all of my articulation activity books as well as articulation resources.  The shelf below that is where I keep all of my language, fluency, and voice books.  They are divided up by specific area (i.e. grammar, vocabulary, pragmatics).  The bottom shelf has my favorite children’s books as well as more resource textbooks.

As far as making my speech room look “decorated” and bring some color into it, I have various posters, colorful baskets, and more!

I have some of these “free” subway art posters hanging in my speech room.  I love how they have all the speech terms we frequently use!  I laminated mine and attached them to pretty scrapbook paper.  They came out super cute!

Leave me some comments and let me know how you organize and decorate your speech room!!